Interview with IBM official about the company's 'new-collar' push to look beyond college degrees

The tech company is looking for different ways to fill “new-collar” jobs in its 360,000-employee workforce by adding digital badges and apprenticeships and deepening partnerships with community colleges.

Google expands IT certificate program to 100 community colleges

Google's IT support certificate course will now be offered at 100 community colleges. Here's how administrations have been using it so far.

What's at stake in the search for a new president at Miami Dade College

As the board of Miami Dade College moves to find a new president, experts discuss what's at stake for the community college that leads the nation in educating students from underrepresented minority groups.


Rio Salado's national division targets "education deserts"

Rio Salado College's national division targets "education deserts" around the country. Can that strategy work?

Doubt and hope about New Mexico's free tuition plan

Proponents say universal free tuition plans like New Mexico's are the best way to boost college enrollment, but critics say it would help the least needy and do little to improve program quality.


Study provides insight into short-term labor market outcomes for graduates of community college bachelor degree programs

Graduates of bachelor's degree programs at Canadian community colleges initially earn 12 percent more than university-educated counterparts, but their advantage quickly starts to shrink.


California State University considering adding a quantitative reasoning requirement for admission

California State University System weighs adding a quantitative reasoning requirement that advocates for underrepresented students worry could worsen gaps in access.

Students with some college and no credential still benefit in the labor market

Students who attended college but didn't earn a credential were more likely to hold a job and earned more than their peers who stopped at high school, new research finds.


Majority of Republicans have negative view of higher ed, Pew finds

Pew survey finds majority of Republicans continue to hold negative views of impact of higher ed -- a development that began before the election of President Trump.


Colleges use small grants to develop new programs and expand their study abroad capacity

Colleges are looking for ways to increase student participation rates in study abroad programs and to target particular populations that haven't historically studied overseas.



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