UT Southwestern settles long-running discrimination case


U of Texas Southwestern Medical Center settled a long-running lawsuit from a professor who alleged discrimination on the basis of age and sex. What does the case say about conditions for older female academics?

Ellen Vitetta, a white woman with light hair, wears a lab coat and purple surgical gloves and holds a red Sharpie.

New policies guide removal of controversial building names


The Black Lives Matter protests inspired activists to demand the removal of controversial names from campus buildings. Many universities have established practices to guide them.

A group of Black students surround Myra Harris, a Black woman, and hold a sign reading "Welcome home Ms. Harris"

FBI says most bomb threats against HBCUs made by a minor

FBI officials identified a teenager who they say is responsible for the majority of bomb threats to HBCUs this year. Some HBCU leaders say the results of the investigation are long overdue.

A student in a red jacket walks across the campus of Morgan State University.

University of Utah seeks students with grit

University of Utah hopes to expand a program that diversifies the institution—and that should survive a Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action.

University of Chicago postpones course on whiteness

A university known for its commitment to academic freedom is pushing back, but not canceling, a course on whiteness that attracted criticism.

An illustration of a black figure in a crowd of white figures.

Ex-employee alleges discrimination by Tufts admissions dean

Former employees of the Tufts admission office allege their higher-ups discriminated against staff of color. The university has hired an outside law firm to investigate.

Professors and academics will stay on Twitter—for now

Academics who tweet are weighing the opportunity costs of leaving Twitter while looking into other social media platforms. But few are fleeing the digital gathering space in which they have invested so much—at least not yet.


William & Mary professors cry secrecy on data school, more


College of William & Mary says it has to change to thrive. Faculty members say they’re being left out of plans to open a data science and computing school, and more.


Some HBCUs strive for R-1 status with record research dollars


Some historically Black colleges and universities experienced record research funding this fiscal year. It’s a hopeful sign to a group of HBCUs seeking R-1 status.

A group of students in lab coats conducting research at Howard University.

Justices appear skeptical of affirmative action

Most of the Supreme Court appears impatient for its end. But the justices appointed by Democrats made the case for the practice.


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