Liberty and Bob Jones Universities may run afoul of Obama Title IX protections for LGBT students

Obama administration guidelines for LGBT student protections under Title IX remain in place, and the student codes at Liberty and Bob Jones Universities appear to violate them.

Study suggests that women are more ethical than men in science, and that may hold them back


Study finds that physicists are more likely to describe women as ethical scientists, but in ways that potentially limit their productivity and competitiveness.

Trump administration reverses Title IX guidance on transgender protections


Administration rescinds guidelines that said Title IX applied to discrimination based on gender identity. Guidelines had been used by transgender students to push for policy changes.

Michigan State will ban whiteboards from dormitory doors


Michigan State plans to bar them from dormitory room doors, in attempt to limit bullying.

Study sees gender gaps in Ph.D. programs, by discipline and prestige


Study suggests that men are overrepresented in elite Ph.D. programs, especially in those fields heavy on math skills, making for segregation by discipline and prestige.

Study finds negative diversity experiences affect student learning


Study finds students' negative diversity experiences, though less common than positive ones, hinder cognitive development and student learning. 

Christian college leaders urged to embrace religious (and other) pluralism

At annual conference in divided nation’s capital, speakers urge presidents of Christian colleges to join (and lead) efforts to embrace, and work through, fundamental differences.

Arizona lawmakers' failed ban on 'divisive' college courses highlights new criticism of white studies

Arizona lawmakers' failed proposed ban on “divisive” college courses signals new criticism of white studies. Similar courses -- though common -- have become controversial elsewhere. Those who teach them say the classes are being distorted.

Legislation in two states seeks to eliminate tenure in public higher education

Legislation in two states seeks to end tenure at public colleges and universities.

Thurgood Marshall College Fund defends accepting Koch money


Large grant to organization of black colleges reignites debate about taking funds from leading foe of government spending, on which the colleges and many students depend.


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