Legislation in two states seeks to eliminate tenure in public higher education

Legislation in two states seeks to end tenure at public colleges and universities.

Thurgood Marshall College Fund defends accepting Koch money


Large grant to organization of black colleges reignites debate about taking funds from leading foe of government spending, on which the colleges and many students depend.

Higher ed leaders muted in response to Texas bathroom bill


As Texas debates bill that would require regulation of how transgender people use facilities in public higher education, most system leaders aren't saying much.

Diversity groups urge no vote on Sessions, citing record on protection of minority rights


Diversity groups question Jeff Sessions’s record -- and some point to comments on race by Betsy DeVos. Senator is questioned on his views on undocumented students and shares laugh with colleague about objections from law professors.

New study finds gender gaps in tenure rates and career paths in economics


New study suggests female economists are less likely to be tenured, compared to male peers, and women are less likely to remain in academe eight years after earning their Ph.D.s.

ACE report urges college leaders to ensure 'culture of integrity' in athletics

Following a series of high-profile cases of academic fraud in college sports, the American Council on Education releases a new report calling on institutions to better align athletics with their academic mission.

Student secretly records professor's anti-Trump comments

Student secretly records professor’s anti-Trump comments, after which a student group wants the professor punished and the faculty union wants the student disciplined. Are more such incidents to come?

Reed College engages in soul-searching after posters and shouts insult director of 'Boys Don't Cry'

Reed College engages in soul-searching over students’ shouting during lecture by director of Boys Don't Cry, arguing that the acclaimed film should have featured transgender actors.

Professor Watchlist receives challenge from new blog: Watch List Redux, where being named is intended as a badge of honor

Professor Watchlist faces challenge from Watchlist Redux, where being named is intended as a badge of honor and where "radical" applies to Socrates, Jesus and Alan Turing, as well as those singled out today.

Is 'identity liberalism,' widespread on college campuses, to blame for Donald Trump's rise?


Is “identity liberalism,” widespread on college campuses, to blame for Donald Trump’s rise? Scholars are divided.


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