At Alabama and Greenville, a backlash to anthem protests by black students


At Alabama, black students draw criticism from flag-carrying fans and ugly comments on social media. At Greenville, veterans take to the field (without permission).

Surveys of graduate students reveal campus climate issues at Yale, Michigan


At a time when graduate schools are under pressure to produce more minority Ph.D.s, surveys at Yale and Michigan show the challenges facing nonwhite doctoral students.

Writers group seeks middle ground on campus speech

Writers’ group has some concerns but rejects idea of a crisis. It offers guidelines that back free expression but also sympathize with the demands of minority students.

Leader of white nationalist group is student at California State University at Stanislaus


Posters promoting a white nationalist organization -- led by a California college student -- have appeared on campuses across the country. Some students are trying to shame him.

One professor fired, another criticized for comments related to race


Comments about NFL player who started national anthem protest cost a Concordia (Mich.) instructor her job; Virginia professor keeps his job but plans a leave amid criticism of Facebook post about Black Lives Matter.

Study suggests language recommendation letter writers use may disadvantage women


Study suggests that language recommendation writers use to describe women may disadvantage them as job candidates, portraying them as less dynamic and excellent than male counterparts.

East Tennessee State shaken when Black Lives Matter event is disrupted


At a protest at East Tennessee State University, a white student shows up in a gorilla mask and taunts black students by dangling bananas at them.

Philosophers' comments at two conferences spark debate over the limits of scholarship and how scholarly societies police them


After controversial remarks about reproduction at one conference and gay people at another, scholarly groups consider whether they have an obligation to apologize for what was said or whether doing so constitutes censorship.

Campuses see flurry of racist incidents and protests against racism


Blackface photos, tweets about lynching, swastikas and slurs roil campuses. Students rally against those incidents, which experts say aren't new but are finally getting attention. National anthem protests spread.

Q and A with author of new book on 'gender shrapnel' in academe

Gender-based discrimination in the academic workplace isn’t always overt, but the “shrapnel” of small indignities stays with you. That’s the premise of a new book on this kind of bias, and how to alleviate it.


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