When suspending a professor isn't enough

Students at the University of Illinois at Chicago escalate their calls for a law professor accused of racism to be fired, now that he’s scheduled to return to the classroom. The professor says he’s caught up in something that isn’t really about him.


Philanthropies help HBCUs take their education online

United Negro College Fund and Complete College America support Black colleges’ efforts to upgrade their expertise and replicate their unique educational offerings digitally.


Survey asks if applicants are truthful about race

Some college applicants do lie about their race, survey finds.

Workbook focuses on supporting students with long COVID

Disabilities services professionals want to get the word out about how students may be affected by long COVID. A new workbook offers tips for those helping these students navigate college while coping with the virus's lingering effects.


MIT deals with fallout from canceled lecture

A canceled lecture divides MIT and prompts a review, even as the talk finds new life at Princeton University.


Study shows faculty diversity took a hit in time of crisis

New study looks back to find that faculty diversity took a hit in terms of tenure-track hires during and after the Great Recession. Study also looks ahead to warn that the same thing could happen during and after COVID-19.


Right-wing student group suspended over 'anti-China' stickers


Emerson suspends right-wing student group that distributed stickers saying “CHINA KINDA SUS” and denounces “anti-China” and “anti-Chinese” message. A free speech group cries foul.


At MIT, controversy over a canceled lecture

A professor of climate science who opposed diversity initiatives cries foul over a canceled lecture. His supporters say this threatens science communication, but he’s been invited to speak at MIT in another capacity.


John Eastman and his institute withdraw from meeting

John Eastman, legal architect of “Stop the Steal,” and Claremont Institute pull out of political science meeting after their panels were moved online. The group threatens legal action, but many political scientists say Eastman has no place among them.


Recent heart transplant patient denied remote teaching ask

Kutztown University didn’t grant any remote teaching requests this term, not even to an immunosuppressed professor with a new heart. The case raises more questions about “blanket” accommodation bans. 



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