Public HBCUs, facing tests on many fronts, fight for survival

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Public historically black colleges face stress on all fronts. Will some fail? Are some being deserted by their states?

New book discusses diversity strategies that don't consider race

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In new book and discussion, researchers and advocates envision strategies for fostering campus diversity in a world in which race-conscious remedies are prohibited.

Female provost is accused of repeatedly touching her male colleagues

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Former provost of Montana State-Northern is accused of touching male employees inappropriately, and dean who filed complaint says he faced retaliation.

Author discusses book proposing a new approach to affirmative action

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Author discusses a new approach to affirmative action in admissions that she says could help the disadvantaged without some of the legal and political issues that challenge current approaches.

UNCF receives $25m from Koch brothers, prompting praise and anger

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Koch brothers make major gift to the UNCF, primarily for scholarships -- and some wonder why black college group accepted the money and will give Koch some say in how recipients are selected.

California lawmakers would require students to get a 'yes' before sex

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A bill that passed the California Senate would require college students to get a "yes" before sex.

College group finally gives a senator its presentation on sexual assault

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American Council on Education webinar on lawmaker's survey on sex assault on campus -- secret until now -- warns institutions about "public relations risks" of responding and characterizes Congressional probes as a “mix of substance and politics."


Academics who study white privilege experience attention and criticism

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Scholars fend off right-wing opposition as concept attracts mainstream attention.

Would forcing fraternities to admit women reduce sexual assaults?

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Students and faculty at Wesleyan U. push to end all-male Greek houses. Would such a shift protect women?

Duke and UNC debate changing names of buildings that honor racists

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U. of North Carolina and Duke consider wiping away the names of campus buildings that honor Ku Klux Klan leader and white supremacists.


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