New data show tightening Ph.D. job market across disciplines

As number of new Ph.D.s rises, the percentage of people earning a doctorate without a job waiting for them is up. While all disciplines face the problem, some have particularly high debt levels.

Cooper Union makes all bathrooms gender neutral


As North Carolina bars many transgender people from using facilities that reflect their identities, Cooper Union makes all bathrooms gender neutral.

New book details realities of being a conservative professor of the humanities and social sciences


New book-length study details realties of being a conservative professor in the overwhelmingly progressive humanities and social sciences. While many see bias and periodic slights, many are also succeeding.

U of Kansas professor cleared to teach after controversy over discussion of race


U of Kansas lifts suspension of faculty member whose comments angered black students and others, who demanded she be fired.

Speech at Virginia Tech renews debate over 'The Bell Curve,' race and academic freedom

The book and a planned appearance at Virginia Tech by one of its authors set off a debate over race, academic freedom and the role of a university president.

U of California considers revised intolerance policy


U of California, which has seen divisive debates on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on its campuses, abandoned draft policy last year amid First Amendment concerns. The university is trying again.

Trump used as taunt against students and minority groups


A trend that started in high schools -- using the candidate's name to insult groups of students -- has spread to higher education. Experts expect the national political divisiveness to extend to campuses.

New survey effort seeks to uncover real reasons why faculty members leave their jobs


Losing a faculty member always hurts, but many administrators believe they have little control over whether professors move on. A new effort seeks to provide meaningful data.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders spar over historically black colleges as Obama legacy looms


Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders -- and their supporters -- spar over their plans for historically black colleges, as President Obama's complicated legacy looms.

Iconic ethnic studies college at San Francisco State says it can't pay its bills


Overspending or chronically underfunded? Students and faculty at San Francisco State's College of Ethnic Studies say it already struggles to pay basic bills, but the university wants it to rein in spending.


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