Supreme Court justices question lawyers on key affirmative action case

At Supreme Court hearing on case that could alter college admissions, no big surprises but lots of contentious exchanges -- and anger over Scalia's comments.


Colleges keep lines of communication open with alumni as they respond to diversity concerns

As colleges grapple with issues of race and diversity, they face questions from alumni and donors -- not all of whom are pleased with new campus efforts.

Maryland will rename stadium; art distress at Illinois; Harvard law students' demands


U of Maryland will rename stadium that honored longtime (and strongly racist) president; black professor at MassArt describes being detained by police officers; object on Illinois quad creates concerns for black students; new demands for change at Harvard Law.

Academic at center of Yale controversy over Halloween costumes won't teach there again


Woman who sent controversial email about Halloween costumes -- and faced uproar over it -- decides to stop teaching at Yale University.

Furor over holiday party advice at U of Tennessee grows there and spreads


U of Tennessee's advice on holiday parties sets off major political debate in the state, and criticism is spreading to other institutions. Some see a broader attack on diversity efforts.

Maryland and HBCU advocates at odds over how to remedy segregation in higher ed

In Maryland, the state challenges view that new programs at historically black colleges will attract white students.

Student protest lists of demands get longer and more detailed


The number and complexity of students' demands of administrations is going up -- and some of the items deal with issues typically left to faculty governance.

U of Chicago calls off classes due to threat of gun violence and other campus safety developments

U of Chicago calls off classes due to report of planned gun violence; film students arrested in Los Angeles for causing panic with replicas of weapons. UPDATE: Arrest and new details on threat against Chicago.

Student activists want more black faculty members. But how realistic are some of their goals?


Student protesters on a number of campuses want to see many more black faculty members. But how realistic are some of their goals?

U of Kentucky will cover up and relocate a mural whose depiction of black people has upset many

Responding to concerns of black students, U of Kentucky will shroud a fresco on the state's history.


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