White House calls on colleges to do more to combat sexual assault

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White House provides new guidance on Title IX compliance, as the Obama administration stakes out a more aggressive position on combating campus assaults -- and holding colleges accountable. 

Study finds that faculty members are more likely to respond to white males than others

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Study finds faculty members more likely to respond to inquiries from prospective graduate students who are white males. Business faculty appear to favor white men most, humanities and arts professors the least. 

Supreme Court upholds right of state voters to bar consideration of race in admissions

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Supreme Court finds that Michigan voters had the right to bar public colleges from considering the use of race in admissions.

Complaint says OCR failed to investigate Title IX sports violations

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Complaint charges that Education Department is looking the other way on report of mass violation of the rights of female college athletes.

College of Charleston's next president is politician with Confederate sympathies; faculty and students aren't happy

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A well-connected politician and Confederate hobbyist has been named College of Charleston's president. Students and faculty fear for reputation and mission of respected liberal arts institution.


National Hispanic U.'s teach-out raises questions about Hispanic student market

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National Hispanic University shutters degree programs in part because of aid program eligibility, but some question whether demand is there for such a specialized university.

Questions of severity in Northwestern professor assault case

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Northwestern acknowledged a professor sexually harassed a student, but didn't fire him. Where is the line drawn?

Cal State LA faculty split on changing diversity requirement

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Cal State Los Angeles professors vote to require all students to take a course in race or ethnicity, but fail to adopt proposal that course be taught in ethnic studies department.


Female chemists protest all-male conference lineup

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Fed up with lack of gender diversity at science conferences, three high-profile chemists call boycott of upcoming gathering. Organizers say they erred in putting up all-male, preliminary list of speakers.

New book finds 'unlikely traits' that explain success of various groups

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Husband-and-wife professors at Yale law school (she gave us the "Tiger Mother" debate) publish book about why some racial and ethnic groups are more successful than others. And no, it's not because they value education.


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