Problems mount at Cheyney University, the oldest HBCU


Cheyney U, the nation's first black college, faces rising deficits, falling enrollments and a crumbling campus. Are its problems due to decades of unfair treatment by Pennsylvania, inept management or both?

U of Tennessee withdraws guide to pronouns preferred by some transgender people

U of Tennessee, facing political backlash, removes guide to language choices that many transgender people prefer and promises review by system leaders before any future guide is issued.

Washington State U disavows syllabus with ban on certain words

Washington State U overrules instructor, and says she may not have "blanket" bans on use of certain words or phrases, or punish those who violate such bans with lower grades or failure.

Henderson State students say rule barring sagging pants targets black students

Henderson State University bars pants that fall too far below the waist. Students say the rule is unfair to African-Americans.

Prosecutor calls for U of Cincinnati police force to be disbanded and replaced with city police officers

An Ohio prosecutor calls for U of Cincinnati police force to be disbanded after an officer is indicted for murder. But would the city's police force be able to handle law enforcement on campus?

Two Christian colleges announce they will hire faculty members in same-sex marriages


Two Christian colleges change hiring rules to permit employment of faculty members who are in same-sex marriages.

Massachusetts investigation says Boston College retaliated against professor returning from mental health leave

Massachusetts agency finds that Boston College retaliated against professor returning from leave he took while facing severe mental health issues.

Scholar who has made name as Cherokee is accused of not having Native American roots

In wake of Rachel Dolezal scandal, a prominent professor in Native American studies who regularly says she is Native American is accused of misrepresenting her background.

Supreme Court will once again consider affirmative action in college admissions

Justices will once again consider U of Texas admissions policy. Many experts see a majority of justices as dubious of the consideration of race and ethnicity.

Will Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage challenge or change Christian colleges?

Some experts see threat to tax-exempt status of institutions if they continue to bar same-sex relationships.


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