Colby College responds to sexual misconduct allegations

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Colby College won't describe details of sexual misconduct charges that led 15 students to be suspended or withdraw, but some see overdue discussions taking place on campus.

Arizona debates legislation on classroom obscenity, political discrimination

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One Arizona bill would punish professors who violate FCC obscenity standards; another seeks to protect conservative faculty from alleged discrimination.

Study aims to learn why some black men succeed in college

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Studying African-American males who "made it" to college, Penn scholar seeks to understand why -- and to get campus leaders and researchers to focus on success rather than just failure.

Federal probe raises new questions on discrimination against Asian American applicants

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Conventional wisdom says Asian-American applicants face higher hurdle than others at elite colleges. Federal probe raises question of whether differential standards can be proven and -- if so -- would violate the law.

College officials discuss religious pluralism at AACU meeting

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Many faculty and staff are clearly interested in promoting religious pluralism. The question is, how? Some colleges are trying to figure it out.

Deans of Indian origin proliferate at top U.S. business schools

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Why are so many deans of the top U.S. business schools of Indian descent? The answers might lie in the changing world order.

Veterans-only classes both expanding and closing

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While more colleges create sections only for those with military backgrounds, some institutions move away from that model.

Student Affairs Groups Criticize Lifting of Protections for Transgender Students

Two national student affairs groups on Thursday issued statements criticizing the Trump administration for rescinding guidance from the Obama administration that said federal anti-bias laws cover gender identity. While individual colleges may continue to bar discrimination against transgender students, and may continue to permit transgender students to use bathrooms and other facilities consistent with their gender identity, the official view of the administration is that they don't have to do so.

Kevin Kruger, president of NASPA: Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, issued a statement that said the Trump administration's policy "moves our campuses in the wrong direction with respect to the goals of inclusivity and civility, potentially placing trans students in greater danger by forcing them to use facilities that do not match their gender identity."

Leaders of ACPA: College Student Educators International issued a statement that the association views the administration's action as having "a potentially harmful and regressive impact on the ability of trans peoples' ability to live fully, public lives and reaffirms its commitment to acting in solidarity with trans communities toward justice, equity and inclusion."

Both groups pledged to help their members help transgender students and colleagues.



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Democrats Ask GAO to Assess Hunger on Campuses

A group of Democratic Senators is seeking a review by the Government Accountability Office of hunger on college campuses. 

In a letter to Comptroller General Gene L. Dodaro, the four senators -- Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey of Massachusetts, Debbie Stabenow of Michigan, and Patty Murray of Washington -- highlighted recent surveys finding struggles with food insecurity on college campuses. They also pointed to the growth of food banks on campuses as well as off-campus programs serving hungry students. 

"Sacrificing food for education can undermine a student's educational goals and create barriers on their path to obtaining a certificate, degree, or credential," the senators wrote.

They are asking for a GAO assessment of the extent of food insecurity on colleges and universities; barriers to addressing the problem; existing local, state, and federal programs; and examples of best practices already in place. 

Read the letter here. 

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Lessons learned as a black Ph.D. student (essay)

Eric Anthony Grollman shares advice and insights for new and prospective students.

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