Questions of severity in Northwestern professor assault case

Northwestern acknowledged a professor sexually harassed a student, but didn't fire him. Where is the line drawn?

Cal State LA faculty split on changing diversity requirement


Cal State Los Angeles professors vote to require all students to take a course in race or ethnicity, but fail to adopt proposal that course be taught in ethnic studies department.


Female chemists protest all-male conference lineup

Fed up with lack of gender diversity at science conferences, three high-profile chemists call boycott of upcoming gathering. Organizers say they erred in putting up all-male, preliminary list of speakers.

New book finds 'unlikely traits' that explain success of various groups

Husband-and-wife professors at Yale law school (she gave us the "Tiger Mother" debate) publish book about why some racial and ethnic groups are more successful than others. And no, it's not because they value education.

U. of Colorado plans to change culture of philosophy department found to be sexist


U. of Colorado releases extraordinary report about sex bias and incivility in department, and brings in outside chair to change the culture. Move comes in a discipline regularly criticized for lack of support for women.

Clashes over religiously motivated gender segregation at Canadian, British campuses


If a student or group requests a gender-segregated setup for religious reasons, does the university have a responsibility to accommodate? 

At U. of Illinois, decision to keep classes going leads to racist and sexist Twitter attacks on chancellor


When U. of Illinois chancellor didn't cancel classes, Twitter erupted in racist and sexist comments -- and discussion of those slurs.

Admissions leaders gather and consider how to define merit

Admissions leaders gather to consider how to promote broader definitions of worthiness and more diversity in their classes -- all while dealing with the pressures of money and rankings.

To get women on conference panels, they must be on panels that invite speakers, study finds


Study finds significant impact of having a female voice on the committees that put together scientific symposiums.

Syracuse, after refusing to play the rankings game, may care again


After years of decisions that increased diversity but didn't help it in the rankings, Syracuse University might start caring again.


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