HBCUs hail Harris as 'one of our own'

Howard graduate Kamala Harris's selection as Joe Biden's running mate is being seen as groundbreaking not only for Blacks and women, but for historically Black colleges.

Music theory journal criticized for symposium on supposed white supremacist theorist

A 20-minute plenary talk boils over into music theory's biggest imbroglio in years. Allegations of anti-Black bias and anti-Semitism fly.

Colleges review criminal justice curricula, responding to killing of George Floyd

Some colleges are reviewing their law enforcement and criminal justice curricula following national unrest around police brutality and racism.

Apparent death hoax rocks Science Twitter


Scholars mourned the COVID-19-related death of a scientist who said she’d been forced to teach during the pandemic. Then they realized she probably wasn’t real.

Political science professor disciplined for refusing diversity training

Political science professor at Converse College says he's facing termination for refusing to complete two diversity and antibias training modules.

Inequity in college access continues for Black, Latinx students, report finds

An examination of the most selective public universities in the country found that representation of students of color has seen few -- if any -- improvements since 2000.

Study: Concept of faculty fit in hiring is vague and potentially detrimental to diversity efforts

Study finds the concept of faculty fit in hiring is vague and potentially detrimental to diversity efforts.

What happens next for DACA -- and for college-aged students who want to apply for the first time?

In wake of Supreme Court ruling blocking Trump from ending DACA, the future of the program protecting young undocumented immigrants remains uncertain.

Campuses remove monuments and building names with legacies of racism

College leaders are reconsidering the names of campus buildings and monuments that memorialize white supremacists, in reaction to the current movement against racial injustice.

Colleges reverse admissions offers

Rescinding acceptances isn't a new phenomenon, but amid a national debate on racism, those decisions -- particularly at public institutions -- are raising free speech concerns.


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