Study finds high school teachers have differing expectations of black and white students


Study suggests high school teachers’ attitudes are not colorblind and influence who succeeds in higher education.

Nine lessons learned after Richard Spencer's talk at University of Florida

What other institutions can learn from the way the university prepared for the event, avoided violence and offered support to students.

Cleveland State University president criticized for lukewarm response to homophobic poster


The president of Cleveland State University has been harshly criticized for defending free expression without speaking out against a flier that called for gay people to kill themselves.

Texts cast doubt on Kennesaw State president's statements


New questions are being raised at Kennesaw State after local politicians boasted about influencing the president’s decision on how to respond to a racial protest movement.

New study pushes back on decades of studies suggesting that scientific productivity peaks early and declines thereafter

New study pushes back on decades of studies suggesting that scientific productivity peaks early and declines thereafter.

Chief Justice John Roberts calls data on gerrymandering 'sociological gobbledygook.' Sociology fires back


Social scientists clap back at U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts after he calls data on partisan gerrymandering “sociological gobbledygook.”

Virginia Tech faces accusations of employing white supremacist


Students and activists are alleging a graduate student at Virginia Tech is a white supremacist -- and some want him gone.

Study challenges common belief that most science and engineering Ph.D.s leave academe because of the poor job market


As science and engineering Ph.D. students progress through their programs, many lose interest in academic careers, report finds. Study's authors say findings suggest changes are needed in Ph.D. training.

How two institutions diversified their faculties without spending big or setting hard targets

Boston College and UC Riverside share how they quickly hired more faculty members from underrepresented minority groups, without relying on hard numerical targets or costly initiatives.

Inspired by Kaepernick and NFL, professors and students protest off the field


As many wonder whether the NFL protest will show up in college football this week, professors and students are taking their own stands. But one university has banned its football team from protests during the national anthem.


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