Data suggest baby boomer faculty are putting off retirement

New study shows that professors are delaying retirement or not planning to retire at all, due to both professional and economic reasons.

Prominent Arab studies scholar challenges Georgetown in tenure decision

Leading professors in Middle Eastern studies are stunned by Georgetown scholar's tenure denial. Some blame Middle Eastern politics and others blame the politics of political science.

Student activists spur sexual assault complaints, but some say Education Department is overstepping its bounds

Student activists have shined a national spotlight on sexual assault on campuses, but others are encouraging colleges to fight back against federal rules they say are overreaching.

Appeals court upholds dismissal of professor who talked about sex with students

Appeals court finds Slippery Rock U. was within its rights to dismiss a tenured professor for sex discussions with students on a spring break trip he led.

Report calls for end to grouping of Asian-American students in one category


Report urges colleges and other education groups to disaggregate the numbers about Asian-American students, and says current practices to aggregate data hide inequities.

New book on gender, family and academe shows how kids affect careers in higher education


A decadelong research initiative out of the University of California at Berkeley culminates in a detailed look at the effects of children on men's and women's academic careers.

Outrage over professor's Twitter post on obese students


Professor sets off furor with comment on Twitter about obese Ph.D. applicants.

Baylor's gag order on athletes' sexuality reveals homophobia still prevalent in women's sports

Female college athlete comes out as gay and no one bats an eye -- until it's learned her coach told her not to. The case of Brittney Griner at Baylor is indicative of the culture of women's sports.

Study suggests class-based affirmative action could increase racial diversity

New research says that by examining both socioeconomic status and "overachievement," colleges could increase racial diversity without considering race.

Davidson will keep requirement that president be Presbyterian


Davidson College board angers faculty members and students by keeping a requirement that the president be a Presbyterian.


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