Tensions simmer between American and international students

Recent incidents bring to light the problem of discrimination against international students.

Stanford professor goes public on attacks over her math education research


Stanford professor goes public on attacks she has received over her work on mathematics education, and raises the question of the difference between "responsible disagreement and academic bullying."

Tough questions from justices as Supreme Court considers affirmative action

During oral arguments before Supreme Court, University of Texas faces skepticism from justices whose votes it needs to preserve consideration of race and ethnicity in admissions.

Authors discuss new book on academic motherhood

Authors discuss new book about how women in academe balance their work and family responsibilities.


Many universities still have ad-hoc policies about lactation resources


An American U. professor set off a debate over breast-feeding in class. Not everyone agrees on that issue, but most experts say colleges should make it easy for breast-feeding employees to pump. Are institutions doing their part?

New research questions assumptions of defenders of affirmative action

New studies question assumptions of those who defend the consideration of race and ethnicity in admissions.

Study offers new evidence that scientists are biased against women


New study offers evidence that scientists -- men and women alike -- assume female students are less competent and less worthy of pay and mentoring than male students.

Paul Quinn College gets eye glasses for 15 percent of its students

Up to 15 percent of students at Paul Quinn College needed eye glasses but couldn't afford them. Thanks to a blend of conviction, fund-raising and serendipity, now they can.

Unusually public discussion of breast-feeding while teaching


When student journalists asked professor about how she fed her sick infant during first day of class, she objected -- and told her story online. Amid all the discussion of family-friendly policies, is this an issue that remains undiscussed?

Sociologists examine patterns of student debt, gender and class

Sociologists' research on different borrowing patterns of men and women, and of those from different wealth levels, illustrate ways that opportunity may be endangered.


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