Outrage over professor's Twitter post on obese students


Professor sets off furor with comment on Twitter about obese Ph.D. applicants.

Baylor's gag order on athletes' sexuality reveals homophobia still prevalent in women's sports

Female college athlete comes out as gay and no one bats an eye -- until it's learned her coach told her not to. The case of Brittney Griner at Baylor is indicative of the culture of women's sports.

Study suggests class-based affirmative action could increase racial diversity

New research says that by examining both socioeconomic status and "overachievement," colleges could increase racial diversity without considering race.

Davidson will keep requirement that president be Presbyterian


Davidson College board angers faculty members and students by keeping a requirement that the president be a Presbyterian.

UW-Madison faculty call for student body to be more socioeconomically representative


Madison professors call for the university to adjust admissions policies to make the student body more representative of the state's socioeconomic diversity, joining a debate about the definition of merit.

Students question whether canceling classes helps address social justice issues


Dartmouth and Oberlin canceled classes to address controversial speech and racism with a day of forums. Some students and others question whether approach is appropriate or effective.

Diversity plays positive and negative roles in University of Kentucky provost search


After media scrutiny about all the white men in the University of Kentucky administration, two women and a Hispanic male are named finalists in the provost search. Can a public emphasis on diversity undermine the goal?

Supreme Court takes another case involving affirmative action and higher education


Supreme Court agrees to decide whether Michigan voters had the right to bar public colleges and universities from considering race and ethnicity in admissions.

White men alienated in higher ed workplace, survey suggests


In survey of experiences of student affairs professionals, a surprising trend emerges: the alienation of straight white men.

Academics born in India see growth in presidential ranks


Indian-born academics are seeing their numbers grow in top campus jobs, reflecting internationalization trends over the past 40 years.


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