Study suggests students grow less interested in promoting racial understanding


The longer students are in college, the less likely they are to be interested in promoting understanding across lines of race and ethnicity, study finds.

New research on how elite colleges make admissions decisions


Study of the most competitive colleges finds that "holistic" admissions policies look very different at different colleges -- and that some kinds of applicants may compete only against each other.

Xavier ends birth control coverage

A Catholic university that has allowed health insurance to include contraception tells employees they will lose that benefit.

Rutgers Clementi case shows pitfalls of social media, poor roommate communication

The Clementi case shone a national spotlight on cyberbullying. But it also showed what can happen in the most extreme situations of poor communication between roommates.

Arizona proposal latest to object to subsidizing others' educations


Proposals in Arizona and two other states show a reluctance to subsidize the higher education of others, and question a longstanding practice of using aid to improve access.

Colleges await Supreme Court review of affirmative action

Critics and defenders of affirmative action analyze coming battle at Supreme Court. Key questions: How broad will ruling be? How will Justice Kennedy vote? How will heightened attention affect race relations on campus?

Supreme Court takes up affirmative action case

U.S. Supreme Court agrees to consider whether U. of Texas can consider race and ethnicity in admissions decisions. (Updated with reactions.)

Half of all tenure-track faculty in STEM fields leave in 11 years

Research universities must replace half their STEM professors every 11 years, according to a new study.

Colby College responds to sexual misconduct allegations

Colby College won't describe details of sexual misconduct charges that led 15 students to be suspended or withdraw, but some see overdue discussions taking place on campus.

Arizona debates legislation on classroom obscenity, political discrimination

One Arizona bill would punish professors who violate FCC obscenity standards; another seeks to protect conservative faculty from alleged discrimination.


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