On eve of Harvard admissions trial, dueling rallies illustrate politics of the case

As a judge gets ready to hear the evidence, defenders and critics of affirmative action eye the broader audience and politics of the dispute.

Excelencia in Education will review how well colleges serve Latinx students


Beginning in January, the group will issue a "Seal of Excelencia" to colleges that meet a series of data-driven benchmarks on their commitment to ensuring that Latinx students succeed.

How to create affirming experiences in college for trans students (opinion)

Academics must help create affirming educational experiences for trans* students before they show up in our classrooms, writes Z Nicolazzo.

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Football player sues UW Madison, calling into question Fifth Amendment rights in Title IX cases

A new lawsuit against UW Madison calls into question whether students can participate in the campus sexual adjudication process without implicating themselves in criminal proceedings.

Marian, Saint Joseph’s to Open 2-Year College

Two Catholic higher education institutions in Indiana will open a new two-year college in Indianapolis.

Leaders of Marian University of Indiana and Saint Joseph’s College said Wednesday that the new college, to be called Saint Joseph’s College of Marian University-Indianapolis, will be located next to Marian’s campus. It is due to open in July 2019. Under the terms of the partnership, leaders of the two institutions will study whether to open a second location on the grounds of the Saint Joseph’s shuttered campus in Rensselaer, Ind., about 100 miles northwest of Indianapolis. It closed in 2017.

“This is a collaboration between two Catholic institutions with a shared mission and history,” said Marian president Daniel J. Elsener. “Saint Joe’s has a rich tradition of educating thousands upon thousands of leaders with a strong liberal arts foundation.”

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Saint Joseph’s rector Father Barry Fischer called the move “a positive step forward” for the college, which announced in February 2017 that it would suspend operations by semester’s end. At the time, leaders said, it was operating under a $27 million debt. Saint Joseph’s graduated its final class in May 2017.

But the following April, Father Barry said the college hoped to resume operations by partnering with Marian. In a Facebook posting, he said the college’s Board of Trustees had approved the two-year program and a plan to “formally pursue a relationship” with Marian.

Elsener said Marian would study whether to expand the new college to other areas of Indiana, including the Saint Joseph’s campus in Rensselaer. Under the agreement, Saint Joseph’s will provide $1.5 million in scholarships over 10 years, primarily funded from donations already made to support its students.

Last August, one of Saint Joseph’s former vendors, the food service company Sodexo, said the college owed it more than $1.3 million. In a lawsuit, Sodexo said it fronted Saint Joseph’s the money to pay for student center renovations in 2016, and that it provided $1.35 million in exchange for an agreement that allowed it to operate Saint Joseph’s food service until 2029.

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How to use technology to improve success of first-generation college students (opinion)

Colleges should put digital tools at the center of their programs for ensuring academic success of students who are first in their families to go to college, write Ana M. Martinez Aleman, Heather Rowan-Kenyon and Mandy Savitz-Romer.

Author discusses new book on classics and misogyny

Author discusses her new book on classics and misogyny in the digital era.

Williams College storytelling group shuts down to consider diversity issues


Students have -- at least for now -- halted a popular weekly event at Williams College, fearing that it pressures minority students to share their lives in uncomfortable ways.

Federal judge rejects challenge to lawsuit against UNC Chapel Hill on affirmative action

Suit challenges admissions policies that consider race in admissions. University questioned legal right of plaintiffs to sue.

Columbia Postdocs Unionize

Postdoctoral researchers and associate research scientists at Columbia University voted to form a union affiliated with the United Auto Workers by a 2-to-1 margin, they announced Thursday. Their contract would be the first for postdocs at any private institution. Columbia, which has denied recognition to a UAW-affiliated graduate student union on the grounds that graduate students are not employees, despite a National Labor Relations Board decision saying otherwise, said it had no immediate comment on the postdocs’ vote. The new bargaining unit includes about 2,000 academics.

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