Hate crime hoaxes present burdens, lessons for college campuses

Why do such incidents seem to occur year after year? And how should colleges handle them?

Court ruling points to tough issues for dual career couples

Brown recruited a dean. He said his wife -- a tenured professor -- needed an appropriate post, and the university complied. But the terms changed, and it took years of litigation for her to get original deal.

Should philosophy professors boycott conferences without female keynoters?


2 male philosophers propose that scholars stay away from conferences that don’t have female keynoters.

Study finds that women sociologists with children more likely to have tenured careers


Women sociologists with children are more likely than those without to have tenured jobs, study finds.

Obama's deferred status order creates new problems for some DREAM students

Undocumented students like President Obama's executive order. But as dust settles and clarity on some points has yet to emerge, many worry about unresolved issues. One Texas university tries to provide guidance.

Study finds that those who stop the tenure clock earn less than those who don't

Study finds faculty members who use the benefit are more likely than others to earn tenure -- but may end up earning less than comparable colleagues who don't. The biggest salary impact is on men.

Asian-American group urges Supreme Court to bar race-conscious admissions


Asian-American groups urge Supreme Court to bar race-conscious admissions, renewing debate over the impact of such policies.

Adjunct loses courses after going public about threats she received

Instructor raised concern about separation of church and state at a public university. The day she went public with the threatening e-mails she received, her courses for the fall disappeared.

Shorter University faculty leaving over new 'lifestyle' statements

Facing a new "lifestyle statement" at Shorter University, many faculty and staff have chosen to resign instead. One has spoken out publicly.

Report documents university systems' progress on college access and success

Four years ago, nearly two dozen state university systems committed to improving recruitment and retention of underrepresented students. Here's an update on their progress.


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