Duke University administrator accused of getting two employees fired in racially tinged incident


After a Duke University administrator complained about rap music being played at a campus coffee shop, two baristas working their shifts were let go, inspiring campus -- and national -- ire.

Yale police called on black graduate student who was napping


Incident adds to anger over how white people -- on campuses and in society -- view non-white people.

Colorado State investigates why Native American students on admissions tour were reported to police

Woman called police on two Native American brothers she believed were not really part of the group, but who were doing nothing wrong. To many, incident illustrates the hostility facing minority students in higher education, including admissions process.

Chief diversity officer position is new path to presidency


Changing demographics and demands for inclusion on campuses open a nontraditional path to the presidency. But two recent appointees have been subject to anonymous email campaigns.

Prominent psychologist resigns as journal editor over allegations over self-citation


Prominent psychologist apologizes and resigns as journal editor over allegations of aggressive self-citation and more.

University of Virginia bans white supremaicst who started "Unite the Right" rally last year


University of Virginia bans organizer of last year's fatal Unite the Right rally from coming on campus after calls from students and professors to do so.

Randa Jarrar case at Fresno State has attracted national attention, much of it arguably undue

Randa Jarrar's case at Cal State Fresno has attracted national attention, much of it arguably undue. Will she be punished? It's hard to say, given academe's unpredictable track record on discipline for faculty social media snafus.

Online programs can contribute to better outcomes, lower costs and more access, new report asserts

Digital learning can make high-quality education more affordable and efficient, according to case studies of six prominent online portfolios.

Responding to student criticism that its foundational humanities course is too white, Reed College announces changes

Responding to student criticism that its foundational humanities course is too “white” and “Eurocentric,” Reed College announces overhaul of the syllabus and format.

University pledges action after report paints damning picture of sexual harassment in piano program


At Utah State, one professor is out and reforms are pledged for a piano program where misconduct was tolerated.


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