Professors say Purdue president is trying to deflect attention from 'inaction' on white supremacy on campus

Professors at Purdue accuse President Mitch Daniels of deflecting attention away from his “inaction” on white supremacy on campus by smearing a professor’s reputation.

‘Blueprint’ for Federal Student-Level Data System

The Institute for Higher Education Policy on Wednesday issued a set of recommendations on the nuts and bolts of creating a federal postsecondary student level data system.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers earlier this year introduced the College Transparency Act of 2017 -- legislation that would overturn an existing ban on a federal student level data system. IHEP's policy brief describes how such a data system could be put into effect by connecting various metrics already collected by the federal government, establishing a data governance team to include key interest groups, and protecting the privacy of student information. 

Currently, higher ed institutions report aggregate data on student metrics to various federal entities that often don't connect. Those data systems also for the most part track outcomes for only a limited number of college students -- full-time students enrolling for the first time. Creating a single data system would allow for a more complete picture of postsecondary students and lower reporting burdens for colleges and universities, advocates say. 

“This disjointed infrastructure yields piecemeal and incomplete information,” said Mamie Voight, IHEP's vice president of policy research and a co-author of the policy brief, said in a statement. “By creating a more robust postsecondary data infrastructure, a student-level data network can begin to paint a more complete picture of student outcomes in our postsecondary system.”

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Albright again offers spots on football team to players who were removed


Albright booted a football player after he protested during the national anthem. Now he’s been offered his spot back.

Notre Dame de Namur Professors Say University Is Withholding Overload Pay

Faculty members at Notre Dame de Namur University field 15 wage claims against the institution with the California Division of Labor Standards and Enforcement, saying the university is keeping their overload pay from them. The professors say that Notre Dame de Namur has abruptly decided to withhold overload pay, or compensation for extra courses taught, until the end of the year, in violation of a state labor law saying that work must be paid as it is performed. 

“The university’s solution to its financial challenges is to dump ever more work for the same pay on faculty’s plates,” Jean Nyland, a professor of psychology, said in a statement Monday. “There’s a limit to how much faculty can be expected to sacrifice before student learning suffers. Delaying payment for our work means we are essentially loaning the university money for the year.”

Professors, including tenure-track and tenured professors, at Notre Dame de Namur are part of a union affiliated with Service Employees International Union. Nationwide, few tenure-line faculty members on private campuses are unionized, due to a longstanding legal precedent saying they are managers and therefore exempt from collective bargaining.

John Allen Lemmon, interim provost, said in a statement that the university and its faculty union are in the early stages of their new collective bargaining relationship. In the area of overload pay, he said, “We have made constructive compromise that I believe will lead to continued progress in this new venture.”

He did not elaborate.

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Follow-up to study on misconduct at academic field sites says clear rules of conduct and enforcement are needed

Study finds patterns of harassment and sexist treatment of scholars in far-flung locations that offer few of the protections of campuses.

Half of black student loan borrowers default, new federal data show

Half of all black students who took out federal student loans defaulted in 12 years, according to two analyses of new federal data on student borrowers.

Author discusses how racism is perpetuated in elite colleges

Author discusses how college diversity programs can result in students overattributing success to factors like merit and hard work, while ignoring systemic or institutional problems.

Professor Sues 'Times' on Portrayal of Monsanto Ties

Kevin Folta, chair of horticultural sciences at the University of Florida, is suing The New York Times and one of its reporters for libel in relation to a 2015 article about the professor’s ties to Monsanto, according to The Gainesville Sun. The Times unfairly described Folta, a longtime advocate of genetically modified foods, as a paid operative for Monsanto, resulting in death threats, according to the lawsuit.

Folta, who believes in the ability of genetically modified organisms to help meet global food demands, has said he accepted funds from Monsanto to hold science communication seminars but that the funds had no bearing on his scientific conclusions; he’s also said he probably should not have so readily claimed he never accepted money from “Big Ag.”

“The damage [from the article] is so catastrophic that it serves to silence the other honest scientists for fear of the same fate,” reads the lawsuit. Folta is seeking more than $75,000 in damages. Lawyers for both parties declined to comment, as did Folta.

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New simulation study says peer review is better at assuring quality than random publication choices, but that some systems of review are better than others

New simulation study says peer review is better at assuring quality research than random publication choices, but some systems of review are significantly better than others. Editors seen as more effective than peer-review panels alone.

Black students at Cornell reconsider demand on admissions priorities

Group says it understands the reactions of those concerned over request for a focus on black students who are not the children of recent immigrants.


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