Screening of 'American Sniper' at U of Maryland called off after outcry

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Film called off at U of Maryland. Unlike debate at Michigan, the senior administration declines to step in.

Report Cites Low-Income Students' Success at Small Private Colleges

Nonwealthy private colleges are often left out of the discussion about how low-income students can get access to and succeed in higher education, with policy makers putting most of their focus on the institutions that disproportionately enroll those students (community colleges and for-profit institutions) and those that they think should enroll more -- flagship public and wealthy private universities. That rankles officials at small private colleges, who argue that their institutions provide more access to those students (and turn them out with better outcomes) than do many other types of colleges.

A group representing those institutions, the Council of Independent Colleges, makes that case formally in a report released Wednesday. The association's report presents data showing that small and midsize private colleges enroll first-generation and low-income students at higher proportions than do public and private research universities, and that those students are likelier to graduate from the private institutions than they are from public doctoral universities. The report also urges school counselors to encourage more students to attend "the institutions where they are most likely to flourish, namely, smaller private colleges," and asks state and federal policy makers to recognize the role these institutions play as they allocate financial aid and other dollars to maximize student success in college.

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Unusual Protest for More Gender-Neutral Restrooms

California Polytechnic University's Queer Student Union organized a demonstration (please be warned that link features an image of excrement) Thursday to protest the university's lack of restrooms that can safely be used by transgender students. The demonstration, in which students were encouraged to use only gender-neutral restrooms on campus, was called a "shit-in."

The demonstrators also circulated a petition urging the university to create more gender-neutral restrooms and encouraged students to sign a fake toilet to show their support. "Trans/gender nonconforming students often cite a lack of all-gender bathrooms as a top concern," the petition reads. "Gendered bathrooms pose a threat to the emotional and physical well-being of this demographic, and often force awkward and uncomfortable encounters for non-cisgender-identifying students. Of the 17 all-gender bathrooms listed on the Pride Center's website, the Queer Student Union has identified only five bathrooms that are reasonably accessible, leaving non-cisgender students with a paltry amount of options when it comes to using the bathroom."

Essay on what to do when you are told you are not a team player

Dear Kerry Ann

Kerry Ann Rockquemore offers advice on how to handle a criticism that many receive on the road to tenure -- and a perception that needs to be faced promptly.



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Cancellation of Drag Show Spurs Debate at St. Thomas Aquinas

A decision by administrators at St. Thomas Aquinas College to cancel a drag show planned by the campus Gender and Sexuality Alliance club has prompted debate at the New York Roman Catholic institution, The Journal News reported. The Student Government Association had approved the event (and allocated $150 in student activities funds for it) but campus officials quashed it this month, saying they worried that without educating students ahead of time, the event would result in participating students being made fun of. But students and faculty members said the administrators' decision belied the campus's reputation for being welcoming and supportive of gay students and staff members.

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New research on which groups are more likely to be hired and receive tenure in STEM

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In hiring of tenure-track STEM instructors, female, black and Latino academics have an edge, while Asians are at a disadvantage. But the picture for tenure is more nuanced -- and women with young children lose out.

Bias Found Against Women at UCLA Med School

Female faculty members at a unit of the University of California at Los Angeles medical school faced biased treatment, "demeaning" treatment and retaliation for reporting violations of research rules, The Los Angeles Times reported an internal investigation has found. The results of the probe have not been released but were obtained by the Times and confirmed by UCLA.


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Jefferson Davis Statue at U of Texas Is Vandalized

Student groups have been pushing the University of Texas at Austin to remove a statue of Jefferson Davis from the campus. On Wednesday night or early Thursday morning, someone (or more than one person) vandalized the statue of the Confederate leader, writing "Davis Must Fall."

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Anti-Semitism Allegation at Stanford

A coalition of minority student groups at Stanford University has been accused of asking a Jewish candidate for the Student Senate how her religious identity would impact her vote on proposals to urge the university to sell its holdings in companies that do business in Israel. The allegation was first reported in The Stanford Review and has prompted demands for an investigation by the Anti-Defamation League. The Students of Color Coalition published an essay in The Stanford Daily denying that it asked Molly Horwitz, the candidate, any question about how her Jewish identity would affect her stance on divestment, which she opposes. But the coalition said that it did ask candidates about divestment, but not with regard to the candidates' religious background. The Stanford Daily also published an essay by Horwitz recounting her interview with the coalition.

In February, a student government committee asked a Jewish student at the University of California at Los Angeles about her religious identity and how it would affect her ability to serve on a student judicial board. That question was videotaped, so there is not a dispute that it was asked.

On Tuesday, Stanford University's board announced that it would not sell its holdings in companies with ties to Israel.

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Princeton debates what music should be considered offensive

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At Princeton, student group whose performance was seen as promoting racism was quickly disbanded. Some want to know why university would book a rapper known for sexist lyrics.


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