Journal's Board of Directors offers its support for editor's decision to publish article on transracialism

Journal’s board offers its support for editor’s decision to publish article comparing transracial and transgender identities.

AAUP: Spalding U fired tenured professor for asking why it hadn't notified minority professors of possible threat from armed student

At Spalding U, a white faculty member complained that nonwhite colleagues were left out of warnings that they could have been in danger. AAUP objects to the university's response: firing the professor who complained.

Wisconsin-Eau Claire policy to require all faculty and staff members to work toward campus equity goals

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire policy will require all faculty and staff members to work toward equity, diversity and inclusion, for consideration in their evaluations. It's controversial, but proponents say it's an efficient way to put values into action.

Professor says she's giving up a tenure-track job and taking her family to Canada over racism

Professor says she’s giving up a tenure-track job in the U.S. and taking her family back to Canada over racism directed at her Nicaraguan-born spouse.

Study examines role of search firms in finding women leaders

Female candidates tend to do better as recruitment processes progress, a study finds.

Seminary apologizes for tweet of five white professors posing as gang members


A: White religion professors, as Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary has learned.

College completion rates vary by race and ethnicity, report finds


On average, white and Asian students earn a college-level credential at a rate about 20 percentage points higher than Hispanic and black students do, a new report shows.

March for Science participants say why they rallied

Academics, graduate students and others brave the cold and rain in Washington Saturday to rally for science and research. Participants told Inside Higher Ed why they joined the event.

Auburn, Berkeley incidents illustrate how difficult it is for public colleges to bar speakers

Officials at Auburn and Berkeley tried to stop two controversial speakers on campus but ended up reversing their decisions amid First Amendment concerns. Experts say it's difficult for public institutions to meet legal tests and keep speakers from campus.

Study finds female professors outperform men in service -- to their possible professional detriment


New study suggests female professors outperform men in terms of service -- to their possible professional detriment.


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