State systems group plans to measure and promote higher ed value

The National Association of System Heads begins an initiative to bolster the public’s view of higher education by demonstrating—and where necessary improving—how the institutions drive social mobility and individual "prosperity."

Kim Hunter Reed, a Black woman with dark hair wearing glasses, and Tristan Denley, a white man wearing glasses and a bow tie.

Cazenovia College to close in 2023

Citing inflationary pressures and slumping enrollment, Cazenovia College announced it will close in 2023. The move comes after the college missed a bond payment months earlier.

Cazenovia College students gather around the Wildcats emblem on the football field in a C shape.

Why does Florida have so many failed leadership searches?

A search for a president at Florida Gulf Coast University and a provost at the University of South Florida both failed recently. Critics see the failures as fallout from Florida’s thorny politics.

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, speaks during the rally, in front of a screen that says "Freedom Lives Here."

Ohio State president stays quiet on resignation

Kristina Johnson is stepping down as Ohio State’s president. She’s denied initial reports that she resigned under investigation but remains tight-lipped about her decision.

Kristina Johnson, a white woman with light hair wearing red and black academic regalia.

Jerry Falwell Jr. on his legacy, his health and his father

Jerry Falwell Jr. built Liberty University up before resigning as president amid a sex scandal. Now he’s banned from campus and locked in conflict with the institution his father founded.

Jerry Falwell Jr., a white man with a salt-and-pepper beard, stands at a lectern.

Broken severance agreement leads to $4 million settlement

In 2015 College of DuPage trustees fired the president, refused to pay a $763,000 severance and dared him to file a lawsuit. He did. Now the college is settling for $4 million.

Robert Breuder, an older white man wearing a business suit.

Cabrini University makes public appeal for partnerships

The Pennsylvania university is cutting administrative posts amid declining enrollment and a financial deficit. Now administrators are actively seeking partnerships.

A lamppost with the blue and yellow Cabrini banner on its crossbar.

Endowment returns drop across higher education

Fiscal year 2021 brought booming returns to higher education endowments. But for many institutions, things look a lot less rosy this year.

A composite photo showing stock prices and the Wall Street sign.

Professors and academics will stay on Twitter—for now

Academics who tweet are weighing the opportunity costs of leaving Twitter while looking into other social media platforms. But few are fleeing the digital gathering space in which they have invested so much—at least not yet.


Work-life balance seeps into discussions on leadership, too


A discussion about senior-level careers in technology reflects larger debates in higher ed and society about work-life balance, different styles of leadership and—only subtly—gender.

Anonymous Businesswoman Analyzing Statistical Business Reports on her Tablet PC at the Office, a Close Up


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