U of California strengthens faculty policies against sexual harassment and assault in light of scandals

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In wake of scandals, U of California strengthens faculty policies against sexual harassment and assault.

Ideological odd couple Robert George and Cornel West issue a joint statement against 'campus illiberalism'

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Ideological odd couple Robert George and Cornel West issue joint statement -- attracting thousands of signatures -- in wake of shouting down of a speaker at Middlebury.

How St. Olaf scrubbed from a building the name of a revered professor accused of sexual misconduct

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How St. Olaf decided to scrub the name of a revered late professor recently accused of sexual misconduct from his namesake building.

Communication professor establishes rules with his students on talking about Trump in class

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Communication professor establishes ground rules for political conversations with his students in class. Could they be useful to other academics struggling with how to encourage productive conversations about the president, while not losing control of the syllabus?

How a controversial speaker drew protests but was able to give his talk at Franklin & Marshall

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On the same day Charles Murray was shouted down at Middlebury, Franklin & Marshall hosted a speaker opposed by some Muslim students and others. They protested, but didn't disrupt. And he spoke.

Repeal of Affordable Care Act could create new obstacles for low-income students

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Key coverage requirements would disappear under Republican alternative to Obamacare, and academic medicine could take a hit as well.

While some in academe raise concerns about march, major science groups sign on

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Effort gains backers and appears to build momentum, but some scientists worry that political fallout may not be what organizers want.

White House proposes eliminating university-based coastal research program

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Amid report White House wants to kill program based at 33 universities, defenders note many of its projects relate directly to local business needs.

Middlebury engages in soul-searching after speech is shouted down and professor is attacked

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New details on shouting down of a speaker add to the soul-searching: professor was attacked after event; nonstudents were among those involved; president vows to promote value of free expression.

Middlebury students shout down lecture by Charles Murray

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Middlebury students chant and shout to prevent Charles Murray from speaking. He later is led to a private location, where a discussion with a professor is livestreamed. After the event some attack car carrying Murray and a professor.


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