U of Texas will stop using controversial algorithm to evaluate Ph.D. applicants

U of Texas at Austin has stopped using a machine-learning system to evaluate applicants for its Ph.D. in computer science. Critics say the system exacerbates existing inequality in the field.

College of Saint Rose, U of Evansville and Marquette see severe cuts proposed

The College of Saint Rose, University of Evansville and Marquette University are seeing massive academic cuts. Officials point to ongoing demographic trends. Faculty grieve and fight back.

Former Calvin University professor denied tenure and terminated alleges racial discrimination and retaliation

A Black professor at Calvin University says colleagues discriminated against her in denying tenure. University says its processes produced “just results.”

NSF data on doctorates granted show slow growth, with some exceptions


The NSF’s new data on Ph.D.s earned in 2019 include some bright spots, including gains for underrepresented minority groups. But COVID-19 threatens to wreak havoc on soon-to-be and recent Ph.D.s for years to come, experts say.

U of Vermont faculty members pledge to fight planned cuts to liberal arts

University of Vermont says announced cuts to the liberal arts are happening. The faculty says otherwise. The bigger story: how universities are seizing on COVID-19 to push through long-desired curricular and staffing reforms.

Boulder arts and sciences dean wants to build back the faculty post-pandemic -- one non-tenure-track professor at a time


Boulder's arts and sciences dean wants to build back the faculty post-pandemic -- one non-tenure-track instructor at a time.

Pricey mini campus promises students maskless, safe spring term

A pricey mini campus promises students a maskless, safe spring term. Some see it as a paradise, others a prison, but experts agree that no environment is pandemic-proof.

Students seek pass-fail options again for fall in light of COVID-19

Students are again seeking pass-fail options for this anything-but-normal fall. Institutions are far less lenient than they were in the spring -- with some exceptions.

Ferris State puts a professor on leave for statements on COVID-19, race

Professor placed on leave for controversial statements on COVID-19, the N-word, the atom bomb, the moon landings, Jews and more.

What will Jill Biden's impact be on higher education?

Jill Biden is breaking a mold in continuing to teach at a community college as first lady. But why is it so important to her and what will her life be like?


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