Number of history faculty job openings is declining, study finds

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American Historical Association analysis sees drop for second year in a row.

Sewanee puts faculty back in charge of freshman advising

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It's hard to offer meaningful advising to new students before they arrive on campus. But Sewanee says it can be done, with professors making key decisions.


Research funding is morally permissible as long as it's legal and without strings attached, ethicist argues

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Unsure about accepting research funding from a morally contentious source? An ethicist weighs in.

For the sake of student-faculty interaction, professor bans student email

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A faculty member at Salem College bans students from emailing her. The goal: increasing student-faculty interaction.

Colorado Boulder faces criticism over handling of alleged professor misconduct

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As U. of Colorado at Boulder acts against two philosophers, critics say university officials are sacrificing faculty rights in an attempt to appear tough on sexual harassment.

U. of Illinois officials defend decision to deny job to scholar; documents show lobbying against him

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As U. of Illinois offers public explanation for blocking hire of professor, newly released documents show involvement of fund-raisers and interest in keeping trustees informed as chancellor prepared to nix appointment.

Study examines professors' writing assignments for students

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National study examines the nature of assignments -- and finds many of them lacking in creativity.

Boycott battles continue in U.S. academe

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Both advocates and opponents of the boycott of Israeli universities are gearing up for a busy academic year on that front.

Cary Nelson faces backlash over his views on a controversial scholar

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In the backlash over Cary Nelson backing the U. of Illinois for denying a job to a controversial scholar, no one is more surprised at the outrage than Cary Nelson.

Almost no education research is replicated, new article shows

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New analysis finds that education researchers, unlike scholars in many other disciplines, don't check one another's work.



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