New study suggests continued bias in academic conference panel selections

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New study provides evidence that when those reviewing panel submissions see a woman's name, she is less likely to be invited than if no name is seen.

LIU Brooklyn campus, in contract dispute with faculty union, tells 400 professors they will be replaced

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Long Island University's Brooklyn campus, in contract fight with faculty union, tells 400 professors not to come to work and cuts them off from health insurance.

Lafayette professor goes on hunger strike to protest president's veto of his tenure bid

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Lafayette professor goes on a hunger strike to protest what he sees as irregularities and injustices in his failed tenure bid. He is the latest minority professor to raise questions about fairness of teaching evaluations.

Lego-inspired social media character reveals the gallows humor of grad school life

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A "hollow head struggling to make it through a blocky world" helps one Ph.D. student and his many followers cope with graduate school's challenges.

Crop of 'anti-union' university websites sparks criticism from proponents of graduate assistant unions

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Crop of university 'anti-union' university websites sparks criticism from proponents of graduate assistant unions.

U Michigan has one of the country's oldest graduate student unions and that hasn't held it back

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Critics of this week's NLRB decision in favor of graduate student unions at private institutions say it could turn graduate education upside down. But that hasn't happened on a campus with one of country's oldest public-sector graduate employee unions.

NLRB says graduate students at private universities may unionize

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Federal labor board overturns ruling that denied collective bargaining rights. On many campuses, grad students vow to organize. Many higher ed leaders and Republicans in Congress criticize ruling.

Federal judge rejects academic freedom challenge to campus carry law

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Ruling denies injunction professors sought to block new Texas law.

Research points to crucial role of dual-career programs for recruiting female academics

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Study: female academics more likely than male partners to turn down good academic jobs without a good opportunity for male partner -- even when a woman has more stature in academe than her partner does.

Study finds gains in faculty diversity, but not on the tenure track

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Colleges hire more minority and female professors, but most jobs filled are adjunct, not tenure track, study finds.


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