Study: Elite male biologists hire fewer female grad students and postdocs than do peers

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Elite male biologists are less likely than other male biology researchers to hire female grad students and postdocs for their labs, study finds.

Video highlights Arizona State police arrest of black professor that critics see as racial profiling

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Video showing Arizona State police arrest of a faculty member stemming from jaywalking incident provokes outrage.

Book focuses on human aspects of graduate advising

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New handbook on advising sheds light on the more personal, human aspects of the process.


New analysis challenges the narrative of decline about liberal arts colleges

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New analysis suggests that the institutions aren't disappearing -- and may be growing if one counts honors colleges at public universities. 


Eastern Mennonite U. opts not to lift ban on hiring gay faculty

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Pressure grows at Mennonite institutions to end ban on hiring non-straight professors. Eastern Mennonite U., which many hoped was about to shift, declines to do so. But it leaves in place suspension of policy.


HathiTrust continues string of victories under 'fair use' doctrine in appeals court

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The digital repository HathiTrust scores another victory as a federal appeals court rules its practices fall under the "fair use" doctrine.

Study finds that students themselves, not professors, lead some to become more liberal in college

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Study finds that the more students engage with faculty members and academics, the more their political views moderate. Student activities are what appear to encourage those already leaning left or right to tilt further.

Gay rights group's FOIA request for professor's research pits privacy vs. academic freedom

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FOIA requests regarding (another) U. of Virginia professor's research raise questions about email privacy and academic freedom yet again. And this time, the professor happens to be married to the university's president.

Academics who study white privilege experience attention and criticism

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Scholars fend off right-wing opposition as concept attracts mainstream attention.

MLA report calls for Ph.D. program reform, including cutting time to degree

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MLA urges radical changes in Ph.D. education, including shorter time to degree, new forms for the dissertation and greater emphasis on learning to teach.


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