With writing, study finds, quality of assignment and instruction -- not quantity -- matters

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New study suggests that when it comes to writing assignments and instruction, quality -- not quantity -- matters most.

Yale professors issue open letter on free speech

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Dozens of Yale faculty members issue open letter decrying substance and tone of recent discussions of a controversial email -- and urging civil discussions of difficult issues.

Student activists want more black faculty members. But how realistic are some of their goals?

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Student protesters on a number of campuses want to see many more black faculty members. But how realistic are some of their goals?

Cal State Northridge professor says he's being targeted for his conservative social views

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Cal State Northridge professor says university is targeting him for his stance against gay adoption. But his students question why he's encouraged an English class to attend an event on family issues at the Reagan Library.

U of Kansas professor is on leave after comments on race result in 5 complaints

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Kansas professor is on leave after students complain over her use of n-word and her statements on retention. Situation is latest to raise issues of racial sensitivity and academic freedom.

Montana State U Faculty Senate rejects proposed hospitality program

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Montana State professors take stand against a new vocational program -- despite strong administration and industry support -- questioning the kinds of jobs it would produce and the impact on core academic fields.

More higher ed, library groups speak out in support of Lingua editors

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Higher education and library organizations, led by the Association of Research Libraries, side with the Lingua editors and criticize Elsevier.

U of Kansas chancellor hosts listening session on race but students want more than another conversation

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Leaders of U of Kansas, trying to avoid becoming the next U of Missouri, hold intense, lengthy meeting with hundreds of minority students. Can the university deliver what they want?

Open-access advocates see opportunity in Lingua 'editorial mutiny'

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Open-access advocates see an opportunity to capitalize on the Lingua controversy, but outcomes of previous mass resignations at scholarly journals paint an unclear picture of the impact of "editorial mutinies."

Video shows Mizzou student press clash with protesters

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U of Missouri activists clash with student photographer, raising questions about protesters and free expression. And role of professor in blocking the student sets off large debate -- and she apologizes.


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