Colleges award tenure

Naval Postgraduate School

  • Mie Augier, business and public policy
  • Kathryn Aten, business and public policy
  • Naazneen Barma, national security
  • Jesse Cunha, business and public policy
  • Latika Hartmann, business and public policy
  • Bradley Strawser, defense analysis
  • Ryan Sullivan, business and public policy
  • Preetha Thulasiraman, electrical and computer engineering

University of Hawaii at Hilo

Professor Allegedly Prompts False Report of Shooter

The University of Southern California went into lockdown Monday afternoon after a faculty member told students -- wrongly -- that there was an active shooter in a building, the Los Angeles Times reported. USC sent out alerts about police activity on campus and told people to shelter in place, but the warning was called off within the hour.

Both the Los Angeles Police Department and the university declined to the name the professor. But LAPD Deputy Chief Phillip Tingirides said the professor appeared to have had some sort of "episode" and told students there was an active shooter. The professor was not charged with a crime but was detained for questioning. Provost Michael Quick said in a statement that in the aftermath “of the tragic events in Las Vegas on Sunday, we understand this is a time of stress and anxiety. We want to remind you of the counseling resources we have available.”

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Toronto Professor Who Made Racist Remark Resigns

Michael Marrus, a professor emeritus of history at the University of Toronto, resigned from a senior fellowship after making a racially offensive comment to a student at affiliated Massey College, the Toronto Star reported. Marrus was accused of asking a black graduate student whether he knew his “master,” which is what the head of the college was called until last week. “Do you feel the lash?” he reportedly asked the student. Some 200 students and faculty members soon signed a petition calling for Marrus’s termination and for the college to change its leader’s title.

“First, I am so sorry for what I said, in a poor effort at jocular humor at lunch last Tuesday,” Marrus wrote in his resignation letter to college head Hugh Segal, according to the Star. “What I said was both foolish and, I understood immediately, hurtful, and I want, first and foremost, to convey my deepest regrets to all whom I may have harmed.” Segal previously apologized for Marrus’s remarks on behalf of the college.

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Inside Digital Learning: Leaders' New Career Paths

In today's "Inside Digital Learning" newsletter:

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Inside Digital Learning: Leaders Charting New Career Paths
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Inside Digital Learning: Oct. 4, 2017, Newsletter
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The benefits for newly tenured professors of interviewing role models (essay)

Finding Your Posttenure Pathway

As a newly tenured professor, you should talk with people who are doing the work you dream about to discover what it’s really like on a daily basis -- and how they got where they are today, advises Kerry Ann Rockquemore.

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New med schools creating all-digital libraries

As reported by Inside Higher Ed, 11 new medical schools have been accredited in the last five years, and eight more are currently under consideration.

Digital learning leaders charting new career paths

Given that colleges are still creating these positions, starting without institutional knowledge can be daunting -- but new administrators say it’s thrilling, too.

North Park University expands online despite faculty resistance

North Park University has added 35 online courses and several fully online degree programs in less than two years, but challenges remain.

New online degree and certificate programs

Seven universities offer an array of degree and certificate programs for distance learners.

3 Share Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Nobel Prize medalThe 2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded this morning to three researchers "for developing cryo-electron microscopy for the high-resolution structure determination of biomolecules in solution." The winners are:

  • Jacques Dubochet of the University of Lausanne, in Switzerland.
  • Joachim Frank, of Columbia University
  • Richard Henderson, of the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, in Britain.
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