Minnesota Professors Object to Mobile Phone Rule

Faculty unions in the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System are objecting to a new system rule that says officials may inspect the personal mobile phones or other devices of professors, if the professors sometimes use these devices for work, The Star Tribune reported. Faculty leaders say that this rule is not needed and would represent an invasion of privacy. They also note that many faculty members routinely use their phones for some official business, even if most of their use is private. University officials say that they aren't trying to invade anyone's privacy, but are required under state law to be able to perform such inspections to be sure that state data and information are not being shared inappropriately.


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New MLA Handbook wants to make citing sources from a variety of media much easier

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New MLA Handbook seeks to make citing sources from a variety of media easier and more commonsensical.

U of British Columbia Faculty Votes No Confidence

The Faculty Association of the University of British Columbia has voted no confidence in the institution's board, CBC News reported. Professors have been angry over the board's role in the departure of the president last year, and the way board leaders have responded to criticism from professors. The university released a statement after the vote in which it said that it took faculty concerns seriously and that faculty, alumni and student representatives had been to a board meeting in April to discuss governance issues.

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Should you choose a voluntary or paid mentor? (essay)


Both voluntary and paid mentors can be useful for tenure-track faculty members, but they play fundamentally different roles, explains Kerry Ann Rockquemore.

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Colleges award tenure

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The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges and universities:

Alma College

  • Brian Doyle, biology and biochemistry
  • Dale Sanders, health care administration

Clarkson University

  • Michael Garcia, ​literature
  • John Milne, engineering and management
  • Selma Mededovic Thagard, ​chemical and biomolecular engineering

Denison University

NLRB rules that college must negotiate with union on changing credit hours of courses

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NLRB rules that college paying adjuncts based on credit hours was required to negotiate with union before cutting the credit hours (and effectively cutting adjunct pay) of some courses.

Study finds continued large gaps in faculty salaries, based on discipline

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Survey finds 2.2 percent median salary increase for tenure-track faculty members at four-year colleges and universities in 2015-16, but wide variation by discipline.

Marquette suspends controversial faculty blogger, but requires him to apologize

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Marquette suspends controversial tenured faculty blogger whom last year it moved to fire. And university says he must apologize for some past statements to keep his job.

Congressional inquiry seeks the names and identities of fetal tissue researchers

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Congressional inquiry seeks the names and identities of academics, including graduate students, prompting criticism from scholars who say the probe is more about intimidation than information.

New analysis questions whether language blocks publication of work by nonnative English speakers

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Analysis finds little evidence linking language to acceptance or rejection by journals.


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