University of Dallas struggles to find expansion direction amid questions of identity and curriculum

University of Dallas steps back from proposed adult degree-completion expansion amid faculty worries it would be a poor curricular and identity fit, even as administrators say new sources of revenue are a must.

Why did Fresno State cancel a search for a professorship named after the late Edward Said?

Why did Fresno State cancel a search for a professorship named after Edward Said? University says procedural errors occurred, but scholars say it didn't like the pool of Middle Eastern finalists with Palestinian research portfolios.

In escalating debate on race at Evergreen State, students demand firing of professor


Students demand firing of Evergreen State professor. Police chief urges him to stay off campus for his safety. Supporters say he’s the one upholding principles of equity.

State judge says Yeshiva can't terminate tenure-track professors for financial reasons, based on its own policies

New York judge says Yeshiva University, based on its own policies, can't terminate tenure-track professors for financial reasons.

Professor says Cornell is ignoring his rare victory in a tenure dispute case

Court vacates a tenure denial by Cornell, finding that the university denied basic due process over allegations that were rejected or never proven. Supporters say an important researcher is having his career stymied.

Faux scholarly article sets off criticism of gender studies and open-access publishing

Fake article is published, calling for the penis to be seen conceptually, not as a body organ. Debates take off about gender studies and open-access journals.

Journal's Board of Directors offers its support for editor's decision to publish article on transracialism

Journal’s board offers its support for editor’s decision to publish article comparing transracial and transgender identities.

AAUP: Spalding U fired tenured professor for asking why it hadn't notified minority professors of possible threat from armed student

At Spalding U, a white faculty member complained that nonwhite colleagues were left out of warnings that they could have been in danger. AAUP objects to the university's response: firing the professor who complained.

Wisconsin-Eau Claire policy to require all faculty and staff members to work toward campus equity goals

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire policy will require all faculty and staff members to work toward equity, diversity and inclusion, for consideration in their evaluations. It's controversial, but proponents say it's an efficient way to put values into action.

Furor over Texas A&M philosopher's comments on violence against white people

Texas A&M president calls remarks “disturbing." Many colleagues say his quotes have been distorted and that his work in critical race theory and his academic freedom deserve support.


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