Alexander Coward, whose teaching approach was loved by students but not colleagues, is still at Berkeley -- sort of

Unorthodox lecturer Alexander Coward, once caught between students who praised him and a math department that didn’t, still employs his teaching skills at UC Berkeley -- even if it’s on an unofficial basis.

Call to Stand Up for Targeted Faculty Members

The American Association of University Professors, the American Federation of Teachers and the Association of American Colleges and Universities released a joint statement today denouncing harassment campaigns against faculty members for their public speech. In recent months, numerous scholars -- many of them minorities -- have been physically threatened and weathered public calls for their termination over comments they’ve made about race or other controversial issues.

The groups ask college and university presidents, members of governing boards, and other academic leaders to endorse their stance and “resist” harassment campaigns by “making clear to all in their respective institutions that threats to individual members of the academic community, to academic freedom and to freedom of expression on campus will not be tolerated.”

Targeted harassment endangers “more than the faculty member concerned,” the statement says, in that it poses “a profound and ominous challenge to higher education’s most fundamental values. The right of faculty members to speak or write as citizens, free from institutional censorship or discipline, has long been recognized as a core principle of academic freedom.”

While colleges and universities must attempt to provide learning environments that are “welcoming, diverse and safe for all members of the university community and their guests,” it says, “these efforts cannot and need not come at the expense of the right to free expression of all on campus and the academic freedom of the faculty.”

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Study blasts Twitter discussions of academic journal articles

Study blasts Twitter discussions of academic journal articles -- and questions idea of metrics based on social media.

Tommy Curry discusses new book on how critical theory has ignored realities of black maleness

Tommy Curry, the philosopher at Texas A&M whose comments on race set off a furor, discusses his new book on how critical theory has ignored the realities of black maleness.

Nonprofit online enrollment growing slowly

Online student enrollment at nonprofit universities is still growing and shows no immediate signs of dramatically tapering off -- but the days of explosive increases appear to be over.

Universities proactively prepare online transition amid disasters like Hurricane Harvey

Texas colleges devastated by Hurricane Harvey are moving face-to-face courses online. Institutions in other disaster-prone states share their digital strategies.

Historian Ed Ayers forges ahead with new digital humanities projects

Digital humanities pioneer Ed Ayers forges on with multiple projects, including an update to his acclaimed Valley of the Shadow project.

Professor writes that the "everyone should code" movement is re-coding literacy

In her book, an English professor argues that programming is changing what it means to be literate (and that it shouldn't just be taught in CS departments). 


How to consider leadership paths once you've gained tenure (essay)

Finding Your Posttenure Pathway

Once you gain tenure, you can be a leader on your campus in ways you might not have considered, no matter your title, role or position, writes Kerry Ann Rockquemore.

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Thursday, September 7, 2017
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Call for digital learning job announcements

“Inside Digital Learning” will be publishing job changes for faculty members, administrators and staff who work on online courses as well as with technologies that enhance teaching and learning in face-to-face and online classes. Have a job change announcement? Send it to editor@insidehighered.com or submit it yourself here. Looking for a job?


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