Scientific paper's acknowledgments section calls for reform of postdocs' treatment


Author of a scientific paper fought for years to find a journal to accept his work, which has an acknowledgments section that includes a tribute to a colleague.

After anti-Trump tweets, Fresno State removes adjunct professor from teaching position

Fresno State announces that instructor who tweeted “Trump must hang” won’t be returning to campus. He is among several non-tenure-track faculty members to lose their jobs over social media posts.

Northwestern professor, Oxford employee wanted for murder

Chicago police are searching for Northwestern professor and Oxford employee, charged with murder and considered armed and dangerous.

Montclair State removes courses from adjunct whose tweet became controversial

Montclair State strips adjunct of courses amid controversy over tweet wishing someone would shoot Trump. Trinity of Connecticut details students and gifts lost amid furor over professor's hashtag.

New book seeks to round out trigger warning debate with competing histories, case studies from the classroom

New book seeks to round out the trigger warning debate with competing histories of the trend and case studies from the classroom.

Study finds large share of cases involving faculty harassment of graduate students are serious

New study of harassment of graduate students by faculty members suggests that the problem is worse -- both in level of offense and prevalence of repeat offenders -- than many believe.

Outrage over position that would pay a Ph.D. $28,000 for what many see as a full workload

University of Illinois-Chicago ad for language program director draws outcry.

Academics push back against attorney general's misrepresentation of their study

Attorney general railed against crime in sanctuary cities, citing two professors’ work. But his claims are contrary to their conclusions.

Trinity of Connecticut clears Johnny Williams of wrongdoing, but he remains on leave -- now voluntary

Trinity of Connecticut clears Johnny Williams of wrongdoing, but he remains on leave -- now voluntary -- as his supporters say college needs to apologize for criticizing him over use of racially charged hashtag.

American Bar Association receives pushback on tenure proposal

The ABA wants to end a rule that assures law schools have the majority of courses taught by full-timers. While some say this would minimize costs, others see an erosion of quality.


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