Q&A with LaGuardia Community College president on new book on college teaching

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Gail Mellow, a community college president, discusses the importance of pedagogy -- the theme of a new book she co-authored.

California State U Faculty Authorizes Possible Strike

The union representing professors at the California State University System have voted to authorize a strike if faculty and administrative leaders cannot reach agreement on a pay raise. The tactic is intended to increase pressure on Cal State administrators to take seriously the union's demands for a 5 percent across-the-board raise and a further boost for those on the lower end of the pay scale; the system is offering 2 percent, according to the Los Angeles Times. The Cal State union has voted to authorize strikes four times since 2007, but has actually gone to the picket lines only once, in 2011, according to the Times.

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Protest at U of Minnesota delays speech by Israeli professor for half hour

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At U of Minnesota, protesters' interruptions delayed Israeli professor from talking. After three are arrested, they say their free speech rights were violated.

Editorial says journal impact factors have lost credibility

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A journal editorial says manipulations have made "impact factor" statistics meaningless.

Yale to Spend $50M on Faculty Diversity Effort

Yale University will spend $50 million over five years to enhance the diversity of its faculty, its leaders announced Tuesday. About half of the money will be used to match individual departments' funds to help hire "targets of opportunity who would enrich diversity or contribute on another dimension of strategic importance to the university," and to hire up to 10 visiting professors a year. Funds will also support improved faculty development offerings and expand some fellowship and other programs aimed at building the pool of prospective faculty members.

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Northwestern philosophy professor resigns during termination hearing over sexual harassment findings

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In an unexpected move, a Northwestern professor found guilty of sexual harassment resigns during his termination hearing.

Court: Harris-Stowe State U Owes $4.85 Million to White Former Professor

Harris-Stowe State University must pay a former full-time education instructor $4.85 million in damages related to her racial bias claims, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. A St. Louis circuit court ruled that the historically black university discriminated against Beverly Wilkins, who is white, when it fired her in 2010.

Wilkins said one administrator in particular, Latisha Smith, a former dean and department head, failed to follow a reduction in force policy in pegging her for termination over several other black faculty members. The lawsuit alleges that Smith purged the department of all white faculty members, except one protected by tenure, and that she covered up her bias by deleting incriminating emails. Smith blamed budget cuts for Wilkins’s termination, but continued to hire additional faculty members -- including two to cover Wilkins’s classes, who together were paid more than her salary -- Michael Meyers, her lawyer, told the Dispatch.

Ronald Norwood, chairman of the Harris-Stowe State University Board of Regents, called the ruling “regrettable” in a statement, and said the university was dedicated to moving forward after key leadership changes.

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Part-Timers Unionize at St. Louis Community College

Part-time instructors at St. Louis Community College voted 188-15 this weekend to unionize and to be represented by the Service Employees International Union, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. The SEIU is attempting to organize multiple colleges in the St. Louis area.

The administration, unlike those at many other colleges where adjuncts are being organized into unions, endorsed collective bargaining. Jeff Pittman, chancellor, said it was in the “best interests of our students” for adjuncts to have a union. “I think it’s a positive anytime you can better work with a group and share ideas and insights,” he said.

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Renaissance Society of America seeks to avoid another #ProQuestGate

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Renaissance Society of America seeks to avoid a repeat of last week's controversy with a new deal that guarantees members access to a database many feared they would lose.

National survey sheds light on previously ignored adjunct faculty concerns

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National survey shines light on previously ignored concerns about working conditions of non-tenure-track faculty members.


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