Study on faculty job market finds some gender gaps shrinking and others remaining


New research suggests limited role for gender in predicting whether new Ph.D.s will get tenure-track jobs, but notable differences on pay and other issues, favoring men.

Duke undergraduate curricular reform vote tabled indefinitely after years of work

Collapse of undergraduate curricular reform at Duke illustrates the difficulty of building consensus on just what students need to learn.

March for Science participants say why they rallied

Academics, graduate students and others brave the cold and rain in Washington Saturday to rally for science and research. Participants told Inside Higher Ed why they joined the event.

Recent suicide by professor sparks renewed discussions about access to mental-health services for faculty members

A death this week leads to renewed discussions about academics and mental health.

University researchers and scientists make rare political engagement over fears about federal role

Cautioning that the event is not an anti-Trump protest, supporters of the March for Science plan to take a more vocal role in advocating for support of research and inquiry.

Faculty members at Whitman fight for more say in how the administration raises its student-faculty ratio

Is an eight-to-one student-faculty ratio one to be cherished or seen as a luxury few colleges can afford? Debate at Whitman illustrates the tensions.

Fresno State and the Secret Service are investigating an untenured lecturer who said President Trump "must hang" on Twitter

Fresno State and the Secret Service are investigating an untenured lecturer who tweeted that President Trump "must hang." But the professor says he never meant to incite actual violence.

Study finds female professors outperform men in service -- to their possible professional detriment


New study suggests female professors outperform men in terms of service -- to their possible professional detriment.

AAUP: Faculty salaries up slightly, but budgets are balanced 'on the backs' of adjuncts and out-of-state students

Compensation survey from AAUP says faculty salaries are up slightly year over year, but institutional budgets continue to be balanced “on the backs” of adjuncts and out-of-state students.

How the University of Chicago is helping graduate students find meaningful careers

Institutions want to help their graduate students find meaningful work. Here's how the University of Chicago is doing it.


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