Advice for building confidence and strengthening your image in job interviews (essay)


Kristy J. Sherrer gives advice on how to build confidence and strengthen your image, allowing interviewers to see your many qualifications.

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Villanova Professor Arrested on Child Porn Charges

A professor of history at Villanova University was charged with 415 child pornography-related counts, after the campus tipped off police to his computer activity, according to CBS News. Christopher Haas, 60, reportedly was observed watching child pornography on his computer in a campus hall by Villanova security personnel. He’s been barred from campus and is in jail on $50,000 bail. Haas was the subject of a separate federal child porn investigation in 2012 and allegedly had some 400 such images on his computer. Scott Godshall, Haas’s lawyer, said the federal case was closed without charges. A Villanova spokesperson said the university was unaware of the 2012 investigation. (Note: This post has been updated from a previous version to reflect that Villanova did not know about the older case against Haas.)

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Professor Fired Over Videos of Sex With Students

Alabama A&M University fired Edward Jones, a tenured professor, after finding videos of him having oral sex with two students, AL.com reported. Jones was most recently director of the teacher education and certification program at the university. His lawyer declined to comment, but Jones has sued the university, charging it with harassing him for raising concerns about various administrative issues at the institution.

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Study explores faculty views on scholarly communication and information use

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Study explores faculty members' views on scholarly communication, the use of information and the state of academic libraries and their concerns about students' research skills.

Wyoming Faculty Senate Rejects Professor of Practice Track

The University of Wyoming Faculty Senate voted down a controversial proposal for a new professor of practice faculty track last week, the Casper Star-Tribune reported. The measure failed 28 to 18. Donal O’Toole, professor of veterinary science, reportedly said the faculty opposed a new faculty rank based on professional experience rather than academic expertise over concerns that potential donor and industry influence posed too great a threat to academic freedom. Some worried that as public funding for the university continued to decline, the university would become overreliant on faculty lines linked to outside funding. Others who supported the measure said those concerns were unfounded, and that the university already employs instructors from industry as visiting professors.

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Paper argues for a more nuanced approach to assessing faculty salaries at regional public universities

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Work at a regional public university? You'll earn more at a unionized, large urban institution, according to new analysis of faculty salaries.

U of Maryland chocolate milk research investigation released

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U of Maryland finds numerous problems related to conflicts of interest in a controversial press release about a brand of chocolate milk and treatment of concussions.

Student Charged With Attempted Murder of Professor

A student at Salem State University has been charged with attempted murder after authorities said he stabbed a professor more than 20 times, The Boston Globe reported. The student has a history of mental illness and no known association with the faculty member, officials said. The professor was washing his hands in the bathroom when the attack started.

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University Associations Concerned Over Planned Fetal Tissue Research Subpoenas

The Association of American Medical Colleges, the Association of American Universities and the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities have deep concerns about a congressional panel’s plan to subpoena universities for the names of faculty members, graduate students and other personnel involved in fetal tissue research. “Many scientists and physicians are deeply concerned for their safety and that of their patients, colleagues and students in light of inflammatory statements and reports surrounding fetal tissue donation,” the associations wrote in a letter Thursday to leaders of the Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives. “We are troubled that this information is being sought without any rules or process in place to govern how the panel will use and protect personally identifiable and other sensitive information. … These requests appear to go beyond the panel’s stated scope of ‘relevant matters with respect to fetal tissue procurement.’”

The associations’ letter was prompted by recent revelations that the select panel intends to subpoena institutions for the names and identities of those involved in fetal tissue research, which is legal but controversial since some tissue is obtained through abortions. Some institutions responded to the panel’s initial request for information about fetal tissue research and procurement on their campuses by redacting faculty, staff and administrators’ names, citing security concerns. But the panel wants the information anyway, and is considering obtaining it by legal means. Some have said the process is more about intimidating scientists involved in this work than anything else, but members of the committee say they want to make sure the tissue was acquired legally.

Thursday's letter asks the panel to work in a "bipartisan fashion" to create rules about how personal information will be used, and how security will be promoted. "In the absence of such rules, we urge the panel not to compel the release of individually identifiable information," the associations wrote. "We urge you to allow academic institutions to continue their cooperative engagement with the panel, providing requested information about practices and the value of fetal tissue research without unnecessarily endangering the safety of those seeking to advance discovery and improve health."

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Bryn Mawr unveils revolutionary, environmental email system

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Bryn Mawr unveils environmental replacement for email platform; new university rankings system announced; a dome is missing.


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