Inside Digital Learning -- Apple Swift Coding Course Takes Off

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Inside Digital Learning -- Apple Swift Coding Course Takes Off
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Inside Digital Learning -- Aug.30, 2017 newsletter

UMass Online surpasses $100 million in annual revenue as enrollment grows

Amid a landscape of highly visible public university behemoths like Arizona State and Penn State World Campus, UMass Online hits $100 million in revenue by putting its campuses first.

Historians Weigh In on Confederate Monuments

Historians have been called upon heavily to make sense of the political present via their knowledge of the past. And this week, the American Historical Association released a statement addressing the ongoing debate over what to do with Confederate monuments.

“Nearly all monuments to the Confederacy and its leaders were erected without anything resembling a democratic process,” the statement says. “Regardless of their representation in the actual population in any given constituency, African-Americans had no voice and no opportunity to raise questions about the purposes or likely impact of the honor accorded to the builders of the Confederate States of America.” The AHA, it says, “recommends that it’s time to reconsider these decisions.”

At the same time, the statement encourages communities “to remember that all memorials remain artifacts of their time and place.” They should thus be preserved, “just like any other historical document, whether in a museum or some other appropriate venue.”

Addressing arguments that removing some Confederate monuments could start a chain reaction, AHA said that decisions to remove memorials to Confederate generals “and officials who have no other major historical accomplishment does not necessarily create a slippery slope towards removing the nation’s founders, former presidents or other historical figures whose flaws have received substantial publicity in recent years.”

George Washington owned enslaved people, AHA said, “but the Washington Monument exists because of his contributions to the building of a nation. There is no logical equivalence between the builders and protectors of a nation -- however imperfect -- and the men who sought to sunder that nation in the name of slavery. There will be, and should be, debate about other people and events honored in our civic spaces. And precedents do matter. But so does historical specificity, and in this case the invocation of flawed analogies should not derail legitimate policy conversation.”

The full AHA statement is available here.

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AHA Weighs In on Confederate Monuments

Indiana University's public evaluation and easy implementation of a new LMS

Faculty members praise the Indiana University System’s implementation of its new LMS -- and other institutions are seeking insights from the university's thorough and public evaluation of three systems.

Bob Ubell says it's time to shut down for-profit institutions

After years of scams, Bob Ubell says it’s time to shut down all for-profit institutions. 

Apple expands app development program to 30 community colleges

The company is rolling out its Swift coding course to two dozen more community colleges. Expect more of these types of programs, experts say.

Introductory advice for academics who have just become tenured (essay)

Finding Your Post-Tenure Pathway

Kerry Ann Rockquemore introduces a new series of articles on how to transition successfully and enjoyably into a new status on your campus.

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Grinnell-Iowa digital humanities partnership benefits small college, big university

Grinnell-Iowa digital partnership demonstrates that collaboration benefits small private college and large public university (as long as faculty members don't have to travel 60 miles to meet face to face). 

Federal Funds for Alternative Tech Training

As reported in Inside Higher Ed, the new Forever GI Bill, a law that significantly expands veterans' higher education benefits, includes a nod to the federal government’s growing interest in non-college education providers.

Dartmouth professors ask president to apologize for his 'disavowal' of controversial scholar

Dartmouth professors ask president to apologize for his "disavowal" of of a controversial scholar who writes about and is sympathetic to "antifa" activism.


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