Scholar who is popular speaker nationwide ousted from center directorship at Ohio State, amid allegations of misconduct

Scholar who is popular speaker nationwide is ousted from center directorship and resigns faculty job at Ohio State, amid allegations of misconduct.

Classicist finds herself the target of online threats after article on ancient statues

Professor’s essay about the original color of classical statues is mocked by conservative websites -- and then she receives online threats.

AAUP discussion centers on the many benefits of embracing students as both 'learners and teachers'

Despite recent criticism of student reviews of faculty members, there is a system that’s working, AAUP conference is told.

MLA votes by large margin to 'refrain' from backing Israel boycott

Move -- by 2-to-1 margin -- follows several years of heated debates at association’s annual meetings.

White paper explores how to redesign scholarly monograph for digital use

Scholarly database JSTOR explores -- through a white paper and prototypes -- how to redesign the scholarly monograph for digital reading.

Study of faculty members with mental health issues finds mix of attitudes on disclosing and seeking assistance


New study of faculty members with mental health issues finds they disclose conditions selectively to trusted colleagues but are less trusting of and have worse reactions from staff members whose job it is to help them.

Federal appeals court revives professor's case against Texas Tech over his anti-tenure views

Federal appeals court revives professor’s case against Texas Tech, which he says retaliated against him over his anti-tenure views.

Evergreen State remains closed amid another threat, and groups frame controversy in different ways


College calls off classes today after another threat. As diversity debate continues, board pledges support for free speech. Faculty members circulate letter questioning actions of colleague.

Analysis finds significant drop in humanities majors but gains in liberal arts degrees at community colleges

Declines in bachelor’s degrees awarded are particularly notable for English and history, but trends at community colleges may cheer advocates for the liberal arts.

University of California plan links first-generation students with similar professors


University of California plan forges connections between students and professors who were the first in their families to attend a four-year institution.


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