Purdue increasing graduate student stipends as it cuts graduate enrollment

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Purdue is cutting grad enrollments to boost pay of those it enrolls -- and is pushing professors to teach more intro courses. Will the approach provide focus? Or is it another attack on English that could leave undergrads without enough instructors?

UC Irvine moves to reject endowed chair gifts from donor with strong opinions about the study of Hinduism

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UC Irvine moves to reject gifts for endowed chairs from group that has strong opinions -- too strong -- about the study of Hinduism and a desire to influence who would be hired.

Georgetown law debates intellectual diversity and institutional neutrality in wake of Justice Scalia's death

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After Georgetown law issues statement mourning the justice's death, some professors object -- and others balk at the way they shared their objections.

Mount Saint Mary College in New York debates faculty rights and mission

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Mount Saint Mary College in New York isn't affiliated with Mount St. Mary's University in Maryland, but professors at the former say it's headed down the same path as the latter, with dissenting faculty members dismissed and trustees showing up at search committee meetings.

Mount St. Mary's reinstates professors it fired

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President of Mount St. Mary's in Maryland says he reinstated two professors he fired. Faculty asks president to quit. Many report fear for their jobs and uncertainty over liberal arts and Catholic heritage. Many students back president. Plus video satire.

More than 1,000 Turkish scholars are under criminal investigation for signing a petition

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Turkish scholars describe a growing intolerance for dissent.

Berkeley announces major strategic planning process to address long-term budget issues

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University announces major strategic planning initiative to address long-term budgetary concerns. Is it a canary in the coal mine or will it emerge as a model for other institutions seeking similar solutions?

Academics and academic groups respond with fury over firing of 2 professors at Mount St. Mary's

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Academics respond with speed and anger after the president of Mount St. Mary's -- who advocated treating at-risk students as bunnies to drown -- fires two faculty members.

New study suggests that faculty development has a demonstrable impact on student learning

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Studies of faculty development efforts at a liberal arts college and a land-grant university suggest the programs can have an impact on student outcomes.

Mount St. Mary's president fires two faculty members, one with tenure

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Mount St. Mary's fires two faculty members. One was tenured professor charged with lack of loyalty. The other advised student newspaper that recently exposed president's quotes about "drowning bunnies."


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