Academic Minute: Alcoholism and Worm Experiments

In today's Academic Minute, Jon Pierce-Shimomura, a professor at the University of Texas at Austin, discusses his worm intoxication research on treating alcoholism. Learn more about the Academic Minute here.


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Scholarly associations file briefs in Supreme Court cases on gay marriage

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Associations representing historians, psychologists and sociologists -- based on research in their disciplines -- urge Supreme Court to recognize gay and lesbian marriage rights.

Academic Minute: Dark Energy

In today's Academic Minute, Paul Matthew Sutter, an astronomer and physicist at Ohio State University, profiles dark energy. Learn more about the Academic Minute here.

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Teaching Assistants on Strike at U. of Toronto

Teaching assistants at the University of Toronto went on strike last week, preventing some sections from being taught. The main point of disagreement is over compensation. The university and the union late last week each issued open letters outlining their views of the conflict.


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Essay on how grad students and postdocs should prepare for career help


So you are a grad student or postdoc who hasn't visited the career center? Michael Matrone tells you how to get ready.

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Essay on what to ask when it's your turn for questions in an academic job interview

Melissa Dennihy reviews what to ask and what not to ask a search committee during an interview.

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Colleges award tenure

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The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges and universities:

Alma College

  • Marcus Richter, library science

Cabrini College

  • Caroline Nielsen, biology
  • Melinda Harrison, chemistry


Florida State Rescinds Job Offer to Fired Professor

Florida State University has rescinded a visiting professor job offer to Travis Pratt, who was fired last year by Arizona State University for a romantic relationship with a graduate student, The Tallahassee Democrat reported. The action came the day after the newspaper asked the university if it was aware of why Pratt had left Arizona State. Florida State officials said that Pratt's job offer had been contingent on a background check. An e-mail sent to the newspaper by Florida State said: "Travis Pratt is not an employee of Florida State University and will not be. His employment offer was contingent upon the completion of a full background check. That review provided new information to the university that revealed a more complete account of his employment record and cause for termination at Arizona State University in 2014.” Pratt declined to comment.


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Unnamed Adjunct Behind National Walkout Day Isn't Hiding Her Identity Anymore

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Leah Griesmann, who came up with the idea for National Adjunct Walkout Day, isn't hiding her identity anymore. So what does she think about last week's protests, and about what's next for adjunct activism?

After Threats Against Faculty, Kalamazoo Adds Security

Kalamazoo College has heightened security after someone anonymously posted a comment in a Web discussion area that made threats against faculty members, MLive reported. The threat, which officials said was racist, anti-Semitic, sexist and homophobic, said that killing faculty members would demonstrate the value of allowing concealed weapons on campus. The threat said that on March 5, "I am going to start systematically executing faculty at Kalamazoo U, that will teach them the value of campus carry."


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