Kansas community college student reporters allege censorship

Hutchinson Community College student journalists say they are being squelched. The journalism professor who advises the paper has been suspended.

Perspectives from the field on the Purdue-Kaplan marriage

In the wake of last week's stunning news about Purdue University's planned takeover of Kaplan University, experts assess the deal's impact on the digital learning landscape.

Easing conflicts between instructional designers and the faculty

They spend extended amounts of time together developing online courses. Sometimes, their relationship is filled with tension. Here are ways colleges and universities address and alleviate issues and promote collaboration. 

Teaching with tech booklet available

Download from Inside Higher Ed and listen to the webinar.

Free paraphrasing tools can fool plagiarism detection software

Free paraphrasing tools can fool plagiarism detection software, study finds.

Brandeis Grad Students Vote to Unionize

Graduate students at Brandeis University voted to form a union affiliated with Service Employees International Union, 88 to 34, they announced Tuesday. Graduate students at Tufts University also are expected to hold a union vote this month, following a decision last year by the National Labor Relations Board saying that graduate teaching and research assistants on private campuses have the right to form unions. Brandeis students will join SEIU’s Faculty Forward, which already represents about 4,000 non-tenure-track faculty members in the Boston area. The university said in a statement that it looks forward "to working with the SEIU to reach a collective bargaining agreement for Ph.D. students who teach, who are vitally important members of our community."

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Ph.D.s need real data on how potential employers make hiring decisions (essay)

Whichever one I’m working in as a Ph.D. student, I’d like some real data about how to improve my career chances, writes Andrew Jacob Cuff.

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Thursday, May 4, 2017
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Author discusses new book about how American higher education has always been 'a perfect mess'

Author discusses his new book about American higher education, which suggests it may be better off today than people realize … because it has always faced so many problems and has always been a “hustler’s paradise.”

Professors Plan to Strike at Illinois-Springfield

The union representing tenure-track and tenured faculty members at the University of Illinois at Springfield announced late Monday that it would start a strike today. A statement from the union said that it had hoped negotiations would avert the strike, which comes a week before the end of the semester. The university sent a note to students last week in which it said it would seek to minimize disruptions of normal activities. The note asked students to wait 15 minutes before leaving any class for which no instructor showed up.

The State Register-Journal reported that a key issue in the dispute is the union request -- opposed by the administration -- to have a grievance procedure outlined in the contract for cases when faculty members believe there have been violations of policy in tenure reviews.

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Utah President and Senior VP Will Step Down

A controversy over leadership of a cancer center at the University of Utah is leading to multiple transitions -- and has led the president to announce his plans to leave.

Vivian Lee resigned as senior vice president of university health sciences at the University of Utah just days after she abruptly fired Mary Beckerle, head of the Huntsman Cancer Institute on campus, The Salt Lake Tribune reported. Faculty members and the influential Huntsman family of donors objected to Beckerle’s termination as leader of the institute, and she was promptly reinstated last month with a new chain of command, allowing her to report directly to David Pershing, university president, and bypass Lee.

Pershing announced this week that A. Lorris Betz, former CEO of university health care, will fill in for Lee while the university looks for a permanent replacement. Lee will stay on as a professor of radiology. "I have worked as hard as I could to carry forward the mission of our entire health sciences community and of the university," Lee wrote in a resignation announcement to colleagues. "Taking account of the events of the last two weeks, I believe the best interests of the university are now served by the decision I am taking today."

Then Pershing announced Monday that he would be leaving so that the search for his successor could be run at the same time as a search for the new senior vice president, The Salt Lake Tribune reported. Pershing said he had planned to leave at the end of the 2017-18 academic year but moved up the timetable so that the searches could be conducted together.

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