MIT to Expand Successful MicroMasters Program

MIT Deems MicroMasters a Success


The research's clues to what works in blended learning

Researchers dig into the literature for clues into what digital learning approaches and practices produce the most student learning gains -- and which don't.

Inside Digital Learning: Ideas for Building Community in Online Courses

In this week's Inside Digital Learning:

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Inside Digital Learning: Ideas for Building Online Community
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Inside Digital Learning: July 26, 2017, newsletter

Senate Appropriations Bill Cuts NSF Funding

A Senate appropriations bill that cleared a subcommittee vote Tuesday would cut funding for the National Science Foundation by $151 million below fiscal year 2017 funding levels.

The total $7.31 billion provided for the agency includes $5.92 billion for research and research facilities and $862 million for education and training programs. Both areas would be cut by about 2 percent in the proposed spending package. That would mean 456 fewer research grants awarded next year, committee Democrats said.

The House appropriations committee approved a spending package including NSF that funded the agency at $7.3 billion.

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Boulder Professors Are Angry Over Dean Pick

College of Arts and Sciences faculty members at the University of Colorado at Boulder want another, external search for a new dean, according to the Daily Camera. Faculty members, in a memo to administrators, reportedly said they were not consulted by Provost Russell Moore on the pick of Jim White, professor of geological sciences at Boulder, as their new dean. They also object to Moore calling White’s three-year term an “interim” appointment. The typical deanship is five years. Immediate past dean Steven Leigh will join the anthropology faculty.

"We, as a whole, do not object to Jim White," Susan Kent, a professor of history with distinction, told the Camera. "He is a superb scientist and a man with integrity. He is effective. And if he ends up being the faculty's choice, that would be terrific. That's not the issue. The issue is that college rules and university rules and regent rules of faculty governance have been ignored and, in fact, violated." In an email to administrators, co-signed by 40 faculty members so far, Kent wrote that White now “starts on what is certain to be a lengthy and complicated and controversial process under a deep cloud of distrust and suspicion as to your motives.”

Ryan Huff, university spokesperson, said White’s appointment didn't violate university policy but admitted it strayed from cultural norms, according to the Camera. "The provost chose an interim appointment of up to three years because of the unique opportunity that the change in leadership at the college presents to ask critical questions, chart new courses and re-envision the future of the college and campus," Huff said.

Soon after White's appointment earlier this month, Moore, the provost, announced future changes to the College of Arts and Sciences' structure. "Instead of forcing our visions and ideals around preconceived structures and organizations, we want to free ourselves from those impediments and develop aspirations for where we want to go and who we want to be as a major, global, public research university," he said. "Once those aspirations are established, we can begin to discuss how to organize ourselves to ensure we have the greatest opportunity to reach those goals."
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Interdisciplinary social sciences lab at Northeastern U challenges prevailing norms of lab work


Who says lab work is just for natural scientists? Interdisciplinary social sciences lab at Northeastern U challenges prevailing norms.

A Midwest community college pushes for widespread use of OER

At one Midwest community college, it’s a group effort to get 70 percent of instructors using open educational resources by 2020.


Advice for what to do over the rest of the summer to land a new job (essay)

David Shorter offers advice on what you might do between now and the next academic hiring season to help land a new job.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017
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Another Year on the Academic Job Market

Lacuna lets students annotate online materials

An open annotation program allows students to explore the humanities in depth, with peers and across classes.

Ideas for Building an Online Community

Let students get to know you, require interaction and other strategies.


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