White House pushes open access to taxpayer-funded research

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White House order jump-starts the process and even wins support from publishers.

Essay on placing academic work in the right scholarly context


Placing your work in the appropriate scholarly context is key not only to publishing, but to your career advancement, writes Eszter Hargittai.

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Scientist Disputes Senator on Study of Fish

Senator Rand Paul, a Kentucky Republican who is a leading advocate of reduced government spending, discussed fish research Thursday night on Fox News. "In the military they have $5.2 million they spent on goldfish — studying goldfish to see how democratic they were and if we could learn about democracy from goldfish,” Paul said. "I would give the president the authority to go ahead and cut all $5 million in goldfish studies."

But Iain Couzin, who does research in ecology and evolutionary biology at Princeton University, and who is among those doing the work in question, said that Paul misrepresented it. For starters, Couzin told Politico that the study involves golden shiner fish, not goldfish. Further, Couzin said that Paul incorrectly described the point of the research. “Our work aims to understand the principles of collective control in animal groups and what this can inform us about collective robotics. It has nothing at all to do with human politics,” Couzin said.



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The Most Romantic Physics Paper You'll Ever Read

A romantic physics paper was circulating online Sunday. Actually, it is a marriage proposal in the form of a physics paper. The full names of the enamored physicists aren't provided, but the proposal credits the University of Sydney "for facilitating the initial period of this research."

She said yes.


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13 Faculty Jobs Eliminated at Lincoln Memorial U.

Lincoln Memorial University last week told 13 faculty members, one of whom had taught at the university for 18 years, that their contracts would not be renewed after this academic year, The Knoxville News Sentinel reported. The job cuts are being made because of projected decreases in enrollment next year. The university's graduate education programs have enrolled many students from Georgia -- educators eligible for raises if they complete certain degrees. Georgia has changed its rules such that completing the programs at Lincoln Memorial will no longer make people eligible for raises. Lincoln Memorial does not have tenure, so faculty members work on year-to-year contracts.


Conference called off after scholar is detained in Dubai

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After one of its faculty members is turned away from Dubai, London School of Economics pulls out of joint conference with American U. of Sharjah.

Academic Minute: Night, Light, and the Brain

In today’s Academic Minute, Samer Hattar of Johns Hopkins University explains the negative effects of exposure to bright light during the night. Learn more about the Academic Minute here.


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A look back at another successful final exam boycott

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25 years ago, students in a Hamilton College professor's introductory sociology course all agreed to boycott his final for an A, without the communication technology we have today.

USC-based initiative releases new tools for adjuncts and their advocates

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New information from the Delphi Project is designed to help adjuncts make their case for reform.

Coppin State Misses Deadline for Paying Adjuncts

Coppin State University told its adjuncts on Monday that their February paychecks -- which were scheduled for Wednesday -- would not be arriving on time, The Baltimore Sun reported. The university, which has been struggling financially, released a statement saying that the delay was due to an "administrative processing delay." The university has not said when its adjuncts will be paid.

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