Adjuncts from across the Washington region plan to unionize to fight 'market problem'

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Seeing strength in numbers, adjunct faculty from across the Washington, D.C. region hope to form a metropolitan union to fight for equity in pay, benefits and more.

Survey examines how senior historians view academic careers

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At universities, teaching isn't highly valued, but at bachelor's institutions, research is highly valued, survey finds. And that research had better not be digital. Study also finds senior professors dissatisfied with academic leaders and students.

Presidential (Library) Campaign Begins

With the 2012 presidential campaign complete, the campaign for the Obama presidential library (and to raise money for it) has started, Politico reported. The University of Chicago -- where Obama taught and where Michelle Obama worked -- is considered the favorite. But Politico noted that the University of Hawaii is also making a strong push. Obama was born in Hawaii, his parents met at the university and his sister teaches there.

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2 Casper College Faculty Members Killed

Chris Krumm, the son of a faculty member at Casper College, shot and killed his father with a bow and arrow on Friday while his father was teaching at the Wyoming institution, The Casper Star-Tribune. While the father -- Jim Krumm -- died from the wounds from that single shot, he struggled with his son, allowing students to escape the room. Just before coming to the classroom, Chris Krumm had gone to his father's home and killed Heidi Arnold, an instructor at Casper who lived with Jim Krumm. Chris Krumm killed himself after killing his father. Casper College has created a memorial page with information about the career of Jim Krumm, who taught computer science, and Arnold, who taught mathematics.


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Essay on how to list scholarship that hasn't been published yet

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When your work is under review (but not published or maybe even accepted), can you include it on a C.V.? To do so, you must be honest and consistent, writes Nate Kreuter.


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Academic Minute: Mayan Calendar

In today’s Academic Minute, David Stuart of the University of Texas at Austin reveals how the Mayans would have viewed the end of the year 2012. Learn more about the Academic Minute here.


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Seminary Wins Donation After Threatening to Fire Professor

Emmanuel Christian Seminary, the Tennessee college that cited financial concerns as one reason for threatening to fire a tenured professor for cause earlier this year, has received a $3 million gift from a donor, the largest in the college's history. Emmanuel's president told Chris Rollston, a professor of Old Testament and Semitic studies, that he should look for work elsewhere because his liberal theological views were offending students and prospective donors. Rollston's status at Emmanuel is still in flux, but the college announced the gift, from an unnamed Christian donor, to students earlier this week..

The money will be used for debt reduction and could hasten a merger between Emmanuel and its neighbor, Milligan College, which both institutions have said they are exploring. "Since the discussions between Milligan and Emmanuel began, Emmanuel has been blessed with a significant gift from a donor who has designated these funds to go toward relieving their debt," Milligan said in a statement. "Both institutions are grateful for God’s provision through this donor." A letter of intent between both institutions has begun the due diligence that could lead to a merger, Emmanuel announced.

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Colleges award tenure

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The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges and universities:

Point Park University

  • J. Kaye Cupples, special education

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Academic Minute: Parental Expectations and Academic Success

In today’s Academic Minute, John Mark Froiland of the University of Northern Colorado explains why parental expectations are an important part of academic success. Learn more about the Academic Minute here.


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Some art schools charge an application fee for faculty positions

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Application fees are not just for prospective students anymore: some departments, generally in the fine arts, charge fees for applications for faculty positions. 


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