Women's journal submission rates continue to fall

Women's journal submission rates fell as their caring responsibilities jumped due to COVID-19. Without meaningful interventions, the trend is likely to continue.

UNC Chapel Hill sends students home and turns to remote instruction

They came. They saw. They clustered. Now, a week after starting classes at UNC Chapel Hill, undergraduates are being sent home as coronavirus spreads on campus.

Fighting university reopening plans in court


North Carolina public university employees hope a lawsuit will make their governing board take seriously their coronavirus concerns.

Many colleges will return to normal grading this fall. But will the semester be 'normal'?

Colleges adopted an array of flexible assessment policies because of COVID-19 last spring. Many are reverting to their normal practices this fall -- though the term will be anything but.

Faculty parents are once again being asked to perform a miracle

Faculty parents are once again being asked to perform a miracle: Get their students and their own kids through the semester in one piece. Does it have to be this way?

Music theory journal criticized for symposium on supposed white supremacist theorist

A 20-minute plenary talk boils over into music theory's biggest imbroglio in years. Allegations of anti-Black bias and anti-Semitism fly.

Colleges review criminal justice curricula, responding to killing of George Floyd

Some colleges are reviewing their law enforcement and criminal justice curricula following national unrest around police brutality and racism.

Apparent death hoax rocks Science Twitter


Scholars mourned the COVID-19-related death of a scientist who said she’d been forced to teach during the pandemic. Then they realized she probably wasn’t real.

Faculty members in new coronavirus hot spots want a remote fall or delayed opening


Reopening plans in many new coronavirus hot spots were drafted before cases surged. Faculty members in those states want a do-over, in the form of an all-online fall or at least a delayed opening.

Will virtual learning be better this fall? Will it be better enough?

As colleges head toward the remote fall they dreaded, they must deliver a more compelling learning experience than last spring's. Most think it will be better, but it may not give students what they crave.


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