On Strike and Paid for the Day at Cal State East Bay

Many faculty members at California State University East Bay held a one-day strike in November to protest the stalled state of contract negotiations. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that 41 faculty members took personal time to which they are entitled, and only 4 reported that they simply didn't work (which could have resulted in their pay being docked). Charles Reed, chancellor of the Cal State System, has decided that all faculty members will be paid for the day. In a memo, he said that the number of faculty members who reported being off that day was "inconsistent with campus operations that day," but he said that Cal State lacks the funds to investigate who worked and who didn't. He said it would be unfair to dock the pay only of faculty members who admitted not teaching that day, so all faculty members will be paid.


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Junior Faculty in Israel Announce Strike

Junior faculty members at Israeli universities have announced an open-ended strike, saying that their negotiations with the Committee of University Presidents failed to result in a contract agreement, The Jerusalem Post reported. The presidents' committee responded by saying that the faculty union "has decided to hurt university students without any justification."


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Lasell College wants to improve adjunct pay

When was the last time adjuncts made it to the strategic plan of a college? Lasell College takes an unusual step in committing to improved salaries.

Davis Faculty Vote Confidence in Chancellor

Fifty-nine percent of faculty members at the University of California at Davis voted to approve a resolution that they have confidence in the leadership of Linda P.B. Katehi as chancellor, The Sacramento Bee reported. The same resolution also expressed criticism of the university's use of pepper spray against nonviolent student protesters last year -- a move that galvanized campus critics of the chancellor. By a wider margin (with 69 percent voting no), faculty members rejected a resolution of no confidence in Katehi. The Bee noted that some faculty views on Katehi are not based on the pepper spray incident. Generally, her decisions as chancellor are seen as benefiting those in the sciences, and she has stronger support there than in the humanities.

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Essay on danger of looking down on a college where you have an interview

Even if you find at a campus visit that an institution isn't for you, never show a lack of interest, writes Kathryn Hume.

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Comparing Social Science Job Markets

A new research paper from the American Sociological Association compares the job markets (primarily but not exclusively in academe) in social science disciplines. Looking at the most recent jobs data (based on postings with disciplinary associations), the association found that sociology appears to be experiencing the most robust recovery in job listings (up 28 percent), followed by political science (up 12 percent), history (up 10 percent) and economics (up less than 1 percent). Using the same data (which may be incomplete as many jobs are not posted with the disciplinary associations), the study also calculated a ratio of new Ph.D.s to open rank faculty positions for the four fields. Economics appears in this comparison to have the most favorable job market for new Ph.D.s, with 0.7 Ph.D.s per open rank position. The figures are 1.1 to 1 for political science, 1.3 to 1 for sociology, and 2.1 to 1 for history.


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American U. Adjuncts Vote to Unionize

American University adjuncts have voted to unionize and to be represented by the Service Employees International Union. A memo from the university's provost, Scott A. Bass, said that the vote to unionize was 379 to 284. The memo said that the university would respect the vote, and would not file any appeals of the election. The SEIU Local 500 website includes statements from numerous adjuncts about why they wanted a union.


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Academic Minute: Marge Simpson

In today’s Academic Minute, Jessamyn Neuhaus of the State University of New York at Plattsburgh, explains the iconic status of Marge Simpson. Learn more about the Academic Minute here.

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Calls for Papers: ePortfolios, Service Learning in the Humanities, Temptation in Literature, Theology and the Arts, Women and Global Change

The preceding calls for papers and proposals are drawn from Inside Higher Ed's Calls for Papers calendar, a feature produced by The CFPlist, an academic call for papers database.

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Academic Minute: “Scientists Say”

In today’s Academic Minute, Gavin Schmidt of Columbia University explains why we shouldn’t always expect scientists to agree. Learn more about the Academic Minute here.

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