Chief Justice John Roberts calls data on gerrymandering 'sociological gobbledygook.' Sociology fires back


Social scientists clap back at U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts after he calls data on partisan gerrymandering “sociological gobbledygook.”

Students storm class at Columbia to protest university's handling of rape cases

Students storm a professor’s class at Columbia to protest the university’s handling of rape cases. It’s unclear if the students involved will face consequences.

Political scientists see the discipline's historical division across four subareas as hindering their ability to understand Trump's America

Political scientists see the discipline’s historical division across four subareas as hindering their collective ability to understand Trump’s America -- and its future.

Pro-colonialism article has been withdrawn over threats to journal editor

“The Case for Colonialism” has been revoked -- not over claims of shoddy scholarship or publication irregularities but rather threats to the journal editor. Some call it a disturbing precedent that could make academics less safe.

Coker College lets faculty deviate from standard Monday, Wednesday, Friday teaching routine

Coker College shakes things up by allowing interested professors to break out of the 50-minute routine.

Long Island U says it is turning things around one year after a faculty lockout, but professors say otherwise

Long Island U says it is turning things around, financially and otherwise, one year after a faculty lockout. Professors say the institution continues to falter.

Mass shooting in Las Vegas leads to renewed calls to lift limits on studying gun violence

Mass shooting in Las Vegas is latest incident to raise question of why federal agencies avoid studies that might illuminate policy.

Johns Hopkins eliminates Russian program, leaving faculty out of the loop

Hopkins eliminates major. Faculty members say Russia’s growing role in the world makes this a terrible time to do so.

Study challenges common belief that most science and engineering Ph.D.s leave academe because of the poor job market


As science and engineering Ph.D. students progress through their programs, many lose interest in academic careers, report finds. Study's authors say findings suggest changes are needed in Ph.D. training.

How two institutions diversified their faculties without spending big or setting hard targets

Boston College and UC Riverside share how they quickly hired more faculty members from underrepresented minority groups, without relying on hard numerical targets or costly initiatives.


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