Massachusetts investigation says Boston College retaliated against professor returning from mental health leave

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Massachusetts agency finds that Boston College retaliated against professor returning from leave he took while facing severe mental health issues.

Purdue moves to make mentoring undergraduates a criterion for tenure

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Purdue moves to change its promotion requirements to reward professors who are mentors, especially to at-risk students, and who promote undergraduate research and teaching innovation. Faculty leaders are not pleased.

Debate escalates over Twitter remarks by Sara Goldrick-Rab, professor at Wisconsin-Madison

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First Republicans, and then faculty leaders, have questioned tweets of Wisconsin's Sara Goldrick-Rab, particularly in seemingly discouraging admitted students from enrolling. Her supporters call her courageous and say her defense of academic freedom has made her a target.

Bethel in Indiana: Faculty members can no longer take leadership roles in groups that differ with biblical inerrancy

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Bethel College tells faculty members they can't take leadership roles in groups that differ from church view on creation. Are Christian colleges cracking down on supporters of evolution?

Academics, publishers find new communities on Reddit

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On Reddit, the "Wild West" of social networks, individual scholars and publishers find authenticity helps in establishing a presence.

Army shuts down controversial Human Terrain System, criticized by many anthropologists

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U.S. Army quietly shuts down Human Terrain System, which placed anthropologists and other scholars with military units in Iraq and Afghanistan and set off huge debate over scholarly ethics.

Scholar who has made name as Cherokee is accused of not having Native American roots

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In wake of Rachel Dolezal scandal, a prominent professor in Native American studies who regularly says she is Native American is accused of misrepresenting her background.

Supreme Court takes case that could threaten financing of most faculty unions

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U.S. Supreme Court agrees to hear case that could effectively make dues optional for professors at public colleges and universities.

Northwest Nazarene stands behind decision to end job of noted theologian

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Northwest Nazarene stands behind elimination of job of tenured theologian, but will let him teach part-time for a few years. His supporters believe he is being punished for views on evolution and other issues.

Faculty members criticize proposed changes to gen ed accreditation standards for engineers

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Critics say proposed changes to accreditation standards for general education dilute the competencies that give U.S.-trained students a competitive edge. Accreditor, meanwhile, says new standards will lead to easier assessment of outcomes and more innovation in teaching.


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