Stanford professor goes public on attacks over her math education research


Stanford professor goes public on attacks she has received over her work on mathematics education, and raises the question of the difference between "responsible disagreement and academic bullying."

Seminary threatens to discipline professor for offending prospective students, donors

Tennessee seminary told a tenured professor he was offending would-be contributors and should look for work elsewhere.

Study finds that liberal arts colleges are disappearing


Study finds a significant decline over the last 20 years in number of institutions whose missions align with the sector.

Authors discuss new book on academic motherhood

Authors discuss new book about how women in academe balance their work and family responsibilities.


Scholars debate etiquette of live-tweeting academic conferences


Scholars debate the etiquette of live-tweeting academic conferences.

New graduate enrollments are down

New graduate enrollments fall, with notable declines in students from the U.S. Decreases are greatest for education and arts and humanities.

Many universities still have ad-hoc policies about lactation resources


An American U. professor set off a debate over breast-feeding in class. Not everyone agrees on that issue, but most experts say colleges should make it easy for breast-feeding employees to pump. Are institutions doing their part?

Reaction to UNC chancellor resignation shows influence of Virginia controversy

In rally to support outgoing UNC-Chapel Hill chancellor, reflections of U.Va. controversy and lessons about the limitations of that kind of faculty support.

Study offers new evidence that scientists are biased against women


New study offers evidence that scientists -- men and women alike -- assume female students are less competent and less worthy of pay and mentoring than male students.

Harvard will change job ad asking for recent doctorates

First Colorado State, now Harvard. Job announcements favoring recent Ph.Ds. at these universities spur discussion and anger.


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