Job ads' 'physical demands' raise eyebrows

Faculty advocates and disability law experts question physical requirements included in many of Azusa Pacific University's job ads.

AAUP calls for faculty participation in financial exigency declarations

With more institutions citing budget woes as they eliminate academic programs, AAUP offers new recommendations for faculty involvement in such decisions and just what constitutes financial exigency.

Study finds that increased parental support for college results in lower grades


The more financial support parents provide for college costs, the lower their children's grades, national study finds.

Campus and academic communities left to wonder why after a professor's suicide

Death of department chair at Texas A&M -- a prominent figure in rhetoric nationally -- leaves scholars with more questions than answers.

New book challenges the idea that professors don't care about teaching

Research from University of Washington shows professors to be self-critical about and constantly struggling to improve their teaching.

Adjunct leaders consider strategies to force change

Adjunct faculty make up most of the higher education work force, but their working conditions largely don't reflect their role. Is reform on a wide scale possible? What will it take?

At MLA meeting, new Ph.D.s talk about landing jobs that they never expected

At MLA meeting, amid the frenzy and disappointment about lack of positions, some new Ph.D.s discuss paths to good careers (even if not those they once envisioned). Are grad programs providing any help?

Study identifies patterns by gender of senior historians' careers


Female historians who are married move to full professor at a slower pace than their single colleagues, new study finds. For male historians, a spouse appears to speed up promotion.

Study raises questions about common tools to assess learning in college

Study raises questions about reliability of popular assessment tools used to measure learning that takes place in college. And research finds that students might not be as "academically adrift" as much-discussed book suggested.

Report reveals divergent trends in modern language job market

Data released ahead of MLA convention set tone for hiring in the humanities this season.


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