Professor's tweet and university's reaction stir debate on academic freedom

Professor's anti-NRA tweet sets off debate about the gun lobby, violence, metaphors and academic freedom.

NYU vote of no confidence highlights divergent views of faculty role in governance

Upcoming vote of no confidence in NYU president highlights a divide between how faculty members and administrators understand their roles in governance.

In lawsuit, Texas Tech professor says his views on tenure have cost him promotions

In an unusual twist, a Texas Tech professor is suing the university for allegedly denying him high-profile jobs based on his skepticism of a status most faculty members want.

Proposed policy at Florida Gulf Coast raises question of what a university is entitled to track about faculty members

Proposed policy at Florida Gulf Coast U. raises question of what a university is entitled to track about every professor.

Saint Louis U. faculty and board at stalemate over fate of president and vice president

Saint Louis University president who pushed controversial reforms has lost the support of faculty, but still has his board’s support. How does that get resolved?

Survey finds new Ph.D.s less likely to have job commitments

Across disciplines, the proportion of those completing doctorates with commitments for employment or a postdoc falls.

Wellesley and Wesleyan hope MOOCs will inform campus-based teaching

Wellesley's move to join edX and Wesleyan's entry into Coursera offer a chance to apply liberal arts college ideals to MOOCs, and potentially vice versa.

Higher education officials look to Washington for guidance on adjuncts and the Affordable Care Act

With more institutions cutting adjunct hours as new health care requirements approach, higher education officials are pushing for more guidance from the government on what to do.

Temple University faces scrutiny over rejection of African-American studies department's choice as chair

Temple was the first institution to offer a doctorate in African-American studies and has seen heated debates over the discipline's direction. The rejection of the department's choice as chair has set off a new controversy.

U. of Florida history professors fight differential tuition

History professors at the University of Florida fight back against idea that the state should use tuition to discourage enrollment in fields without immediate connection to jobs.



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