UT-Austin scrutinizes ethics of controversial same-sex parenting study

UT-Austin launches administrative inquiry into integrity of controversial study about children of same-sex couples.

Governor unhappy with salary hikes at Western Washington

If state employees generally have salaries frozen amid budget cuts, should a single public university award generous raises?

College associations and faculty unions argue over collective bargaining at private institutions

Higher ed associations tell NLRB that recent decades have seen few changes in professors’ power at private colleges. Unions beg to differ.

Study finds that women sociologists with children more likely to have tenured careers


Women sociologists with children are more likely than those without to have tenured jobs, study finds.

AAUP report stresses need for adjunct involvement in governance


AAUP report says that departments and faculty senates need to be sure those off the tenure track have their views counted.

Board vote today puts U.Va. at center of debate about public university governance

U.Va. board’s vote today puts it at the center of a nationwide debate about governance in public higher education institutions.

NLRB to review whether graduate assistants can unionize at private universities

NLRB votes to reconsider ban on collective bargaining rights for teaching assistants and research assistants at private universities.

Adjunct survey paints bleak portrait


Survey seeks to publicize the low pay and minimal benefits of part-time instructors.

Senior professor's mass e-mail leads to introspection

An open letter to his colleagues, decrying dysfunction at his university, is now prompting reflection (and praise) from academics elsewhere.

Study finds that those who stop the tenure clock earn less than those who don't

Study finds faculty members who use the benefit are more likely than others to earn tenure -- but may end up earning less than comparable colleagues who don't. The biggest salary impact is on men.


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