Lifetime benefit caps are on way out but still affect college students

An Arizona State grad student's story shows it's still possible for those in college to fall through the health care cracks.

Obama administration continues push to change teachers colleges

The Obama administration is pushing education colleges to be more selective, but some argue that recruiting the "best and the brightest" isn't the solution to producing better teachers.

Half of all tenure-track faculty in STEM fields leave in 11 years

Research universities must replace half their STEM professors every 11 years, according to a new study.

Campus-themed Internet memes go viral


With the help of a young entrepreneur and thousands of willing college students, campus-specific Web gags go viral.

Student suspended after he writes of affection for professor

Was Oakland U. right to suspend a student after he revealed in his class writing journal that he finds his instructor attractive?

Arizona debates legislation on classroom obscenity, political discrimination

One Arizona bill would punish professors who violate FCC obscenity standards; another seeks to protect conservative faculty from alleged discrimination.

Q&A with authors of book arguing that learning is waning in higher ed

Unlike with many critiques of higher education, those who work at colleges and universities are likelier to feel challenged than chastised by this one.

Author provides inside look at IRBs

Author gets inside look at IRBs, and offers perspectives on how they operate, and how researchers can improve their chances of a smooth review.

College officials discuss religious pluralism at AACU meeting

Many faculty and staff are clearly interested in promoting religious pluralism. The question is, how? Some colleges are trying to figure it out.

Study finds link between job market and duration of Ph.D. programs

New study documents relationship between job market and time to degree in the humanities and social sciences, but it’s not as straightforward as many speculate.


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