Ohio court asks university to give back pay to professor who made shooting reference

A frustrated professor said he wasn't serious when he talked about shooting students, but Bowling Green suspended him without pay. Ohio appeals court says he deserves back pay.

Court ruling points to tough issues for dual career couples

Brown recruited a dean. He said his wife -- a tenured professor -- needed an appropriate post, and the university complied. But the terms changed, and it took years of litigation for her to get original deal.

Should philosophy professors boycott conferences without female keynoters?


2 male philosophers propose that scholars stay away from conferences that don’t have female keynoters.

Alcorn State gives faculty a role in deciding administrators' fate


As professors at many campuses complain that they are shut out of decision-making, Alcorn State asks faculty to help decide which administrators' jobs to eliminate, and which need a new person in the post.

Distinguished literary scholar and Cornell University professor turns 100

M. H. Abrams, one of the 20th century's great literary critics, turns 100.

Retirements spike at Illinois universities due to pension changes

A change in the way the state calculates future pension payments for those in public universities prompted many to retire before July 2, months and years before they planned to do so.

U.Va. and other leadership controversies show that tenured faculty can still wield influence

U.Va. controversy and other leadership disputes show that, in particular instances, organized, tenured professors can still wield significant influence in direction of institutions.

UT-Austin scrutinizes ethics of controversial same-sex parenting study

UT-Austin launches administrative inquiry into integrity of controversial study about children of same-sex couples.

Governor unhappy with salary hikes at Western Washington

If state employees generally have salaries frozen amid budget cuts, should a single public university award generous raises?

College associations and faculty unions argue over collective bargaining at private institutions

Higher ed associations tell NLRB that recent decades have seen few changes in professors’ power at private colleges. Unions beg to differ.


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