Enrollment declines continue, National Student Clearinghouse finds

Undergraduate enrollment is still down across higher education, according to the latest National Student Clearinghouse report. Black and Hispanic enrollment in community colleges is still down more than white and Asian enrollment.

A new Education Department spirit under Biden?

Many think it could be.

Unpacking the University of Arizona’s deal with Ashford

Despite millions in guaranteed revenue, experts agree establishing the University of Arizona Global Campus will not be risk-free for Arizona.

Summer enrollments declined sharply among Black undergraduates and at community colleges

College enrollments declined sharply this summer among Black undergraduates and men, and at community colleges and rural institutions, raising worries about the fall and worsening equity gaps.

For-profits see a lot riding on the elections

They worry Democratic control over the White House and Senate will bring a return of Obama administration policies. Many are donating to Republicans to keep it from happening.

COVID-19's impact on for-profit colleges still murky as second-quarter earnings arrive

Some for-profit colleges reported increased profitability and modest enrollment gains as the economy crashed in the second quarter, but it's still not clear whether the current pandemic and recession will turn around the fortunes of a sector that had been struggling.

University of Arizona acquires Ashford University

Former for-profit Ashford University, which enrolls 35,000 students, will become the new, nonprofit University of Arizona Global Campus.

Another stimulus could be last federal help for colleges for a while

For struggling colleges hoping for help from Congress, the next relief package could be their last chance for a while.

New recession sets stage for abuses by for-profits, critics fear

The last recession brought overaggressive recruitment of students by bad actors among for-profit colleges, and some worry about a repeat in this economic downturn.

Disappointed college leaders and student debt advocates look to next round of stimulus

College leaders were disappointed by the Senate's stimulus proposal. But they are looking ahead to getting more in another round.


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