Feds release tighter proposed language for gainful employment rules

Education Department proposes perhaps its strictest proposed language on the rules so far, a week before negotiators get back to business.

Laureate's growing global network of institutions

Laureate Education has quietly become an 800,000-student behemoth and a major player in global higher education. So what is the company, exactly?

UniversityNow's unique approach to accreditation and federal financial aid

UniversityNow signs up more than 1,000 students for low-cost, competency-based degree programs without the lure of federal financial aid. 

Gainful employment negotatiors face long odds of reaching consensus

Gainful employment rewrite kicks off with rule-making session, but consensus appears unlikely as negotiators are far apart on day one.

New gainful employment proposal would affect more programs with fewer rules

As Education Department begins new round of deliberations over "gainful employment," its draft language is both simpler and stricter.

Altius releases documents on Ivy Bridge College accreditation fight

Amid news of a federal investigation, previously unreleased documents offer glimpse into accreditor's scrutiny of an online partnership between a for-profit company and a nonprofit university.

Obama speaks directly on for-profit higher education, noting concerns on sector

President, in direct remarks on the sector, notes concerns that some institutions "make out like a bandit," but calls for more scrutiny of colleges across the board.

Tiffin U. drops Ivy Bridge College partnership with Altius over accreditor's concerns

Accreditor shuts down Ivy Bridge College, raising questions about where to draw the line in online partnerships between colleges and technology companies.

Pac-12 blackballs teams from Grand Canyon and questions for-profits in Division I

The Pac-12 won't play teams from Grand Canyon University and asks NCAA to keep for-profits out of Division I. Grand Canyon and some observers call foul.

Ashford earns accreditation with Western Association on second try

Ashford University earns approval from the Western accreditor on its second try, after making a wide range of changes, some of them painful.


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